What Exactly Does Preload Mean?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by webterractive, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. webterractive

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    I work at a UPS sort in Vancouver, I was wondering from all other UPSers what exactly does preload mean? Because I find that everyday at my centre the other preloaders and I seem to be doing more work then what we were hired for. Currently I am loading six veichles doing stop counts as well as scanning packages for tracking purposes. Is this the same anywhere else?
  2. 30andout

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    Same thing all over UPS they are squeeeeeezing everything out of everyone.:crying:
  3. The more work you do, the more work they will give you...
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    What every happened to training preloaders ? In our center a new loader is given the charts , shown the trucks and told to load them. Nothing is loaded by sequence , each res. section loaded all together. Then at the end of the day they are told just get the boxes in the truck and let the driver sort them out on route , and then manager wonders why swing drivers run over.
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    You must not have PAS yet, oh boy are you in for a real treat.
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    No we dont have PAS yet and scheduled to get it til next summer(2007). However , I wonder if that will even happen. There many modifications that have to be done to our building to accomodate the new belt and equipment needed to put us on PAS. From what I have read on different threads , I dont think I should look forward to it. What is the big difference for when we get PAS ? I would like to know what we are in for!!!!!
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    It tells you a route number corresponding to a truck. (29B would go the 29B routes truck). Then it has a shelf number. Like this:


    Upper belt, route 29B, shelf sequence 0800. there's a lot more on the label but that's basically it. its allllllll ****ed up and im not even on preload, lol.
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    I learned this tonight. I will stop my FX mentality of working quickly and I will stick to one piece every 3 seconds.
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    I found this definition in websters.....

    Pre-Load - This is what happens at UPS in the morning before the drivers get there and have to actually resort the entire truck in the RIGHT order.
  10. Hey Web, which belt do you work on? MF1 or MF2? I work there too and I don't know of anyone loading 6 cars. Yah, everybody on the belt has a scanner now, but I don't think they expect you to scan 100% of the packages that go by you. I've tracked a couple packages and have seen some that have 4 'dest scans' on it in a 5 mins period.
    I scan as much as I can, but when it gets really busy, I concentrate more on pulling/scanning my own packages first, not the other preloaders pkgs.
  11. webterractive

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    MF 2 And I load 5 Cars + a split but there is not enough room for that car, but I still have to keep that load seperate, so technically 6. I was scanning everything that went down the belt, but was then told by the ass. supe to just scan my stuff, thats what I do now, its not as bad unless I get lots of bulk, bad splits, or the scanner malfunctions.
  12. Preload: where the **** hits the fan EVERY morning (least at our hub):laugh: