What Happens If They Stop Going To All Traffic Accidents?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Apr 28, 2010.

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    Philly Police Stop Going To Fender Benders

    Considering the economic woes of both State and City treasuries around the nation, one wonders if Philly is either thinking ahead or trying to pinch pennies while hiding the fact that things are worse than they are letting on.

    Keep an eye out from more of this as an indicator of things much worse!

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    They probably dont want to leave their speed traps.
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    It's been over 2 years, but we found out that unless there are injuries, our police don't want to come to fender benders either. They just say exchange info. and move on.
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    Seems Oakland is joining the fray but at a greater level than Philly

    Obama and the democrats better hope like hell this isn't the tip of the iceberg (I think it is) but then again I'm not going to believe that the repubs. will be left blameless either as they shouldn't be. If this escalates, the Feds may have to hammer down to maintain order and the voter may backlash against both parties come November.

    After Afghanistan, the old Soviet Union began to do just like this and ultimately the central powers collasped. Could Russia be watching a re-run 20 years later except this time it's an old "alleged" enemy who entered the Afghanistan trap too?

    Want a disturbing parallel to consider?

    It's an interesting read with lots of shocking parallels to consider as reported by someone who was there.
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    I'm not sure about the political ramifications of our going into afghanistan leading to philly not responding to fender benders. I would think the number of fender benders has increased dramatically caused by distracted drivers messing around with their celll phones and other electronics. But then I'm just the guy trying to train drivers how to recognize and avoid the distracted drivers. what do I know. In the world of academia we often chase theories that stimulate our imagination and protect us from the harshness of reality.


    then there is that economic collapse that was perpetuated by george bush and george bush only:happy-very: that has cut tax revenues. Good news though Obama's new campaign slogan is "It could have been worse" which should immediately intiate strong feelings of gratitude towards Obama.
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    here's one fender bender that's interesting...................
    New York state Sen. Eric Schneiderman, who is running for state attorney general, was involved in a comical car accident with far-reaching political implications on Monday night. After taping an interview with local news channel NY1, Schneiderman’s car rear-ended a parked car on Ninth Avenue, and then drove off.
    The car he hit belonged to the executive editor of NY1, and he hit it just outside its offices. Estimated damage: $3,000. A bicyclist took down Schneiderman’s license plate number.
    Schneiderman insisted he didn’t realize he’d just hit a reporter’s parked car. Upon being confronted by the vehicle’s owner, he said he had disciplined the staffer driving him. That staffer, his driver, is named Rachel Kagan. She is, yes, the niece of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan.
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    Is it the natural progression of cutting taxes all the time? If the Feds reduce what they send back to states and the stated reduce what they send to municipalities and municipalities don't want to raise property taxes, cutting of services is the only possibility.
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    Not necessarily true--many local municipalities are looking in to sharing services or even merging with other local municipalities. For example, I live in the City of Plattsburgh, which is adjacent to the Town of Plattsburgh. Two municipalities, both dealing with what you described above, already share some services, are looking to share more and exploring the possibility of a merger. This may not be a bad thing as it is forcing both to become more efficient in how they operate.
  9. bbsam

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    Very true. Does it then add to unemployment? I'm hoping it happens here. We have five cities in one metropolitan area and every 5 to 10 years the subject of a merger or partial merger comes up and for some reason (towny pride?) we can never get it done. Maybe financial necessity/ruin will be the final catalyst.
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    Our LEOs have never responded to minor fender benders. Exchange information and move on. If you would like you can call the Sheriff's office and they will send a civilian "deputy" who can write a report or insist that the highway patrol come. But good luck with that. Both of those options will leave you on the side of the road for a substantial amount of time.