What happens with layoffs?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Robretro, Dec 16, 2018.

  1. Robretro

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    I’ve never been around when there are layoffs. What happens? Is it part timers first? Do you lose insurance? Do you get unemployment? Thanks
  2. rod

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    If you qualify file for unemployment the first day you are let go. Otherwise there are other job openings everywhere
  3. WTFm8

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    If you have TeamCare you need 1 punch per week to keep benefits. You can use an option day or vacation to get it.

    If you have seniority you can bump the lowest person working to get hours...
  4. Robretro

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    Hope I don’t have to use my vacation time to keep insurance. I got no time off this year, looking forward to that week lol
  5. Elmo.goes.to.prom

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    Are you on the bottom of the totem pole?

    In my building plenty of seniority employees take a voluntary layoff.
  6. Pizza

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    You a PT cover driver?

    If so you will be back in the building for a bit.
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  7. Robretro

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    Yes, and lowest on the totem pole
  8. Robretro

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    Yes, very bottom. Barely on the pole at all
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  10. You might want to rephrase that. LMAO
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    Or maybe he said it exactly how he meant!!
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    Me too. To each their own.
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  16. eats packages

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    Complete layoffs are based on total PT/FT seniority . You can very likely bump PT sorts/preload since there are hundereds of people with less than a few month's seniority.
    This only ever happens in small centers but there can be cases where every PT has worked longer than you and in this case a FT cannot bump PT.
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