What report am i looking for?

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  1. 705red

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    I need your help. I have outstanding grievances for air drivers picking up grounds. I have all the pick up records and while auditing the air drivers i used the summary report showing how many pieces, nda's, eam's, 2nd day's, savers's etc.

    What report will break down the pieces specifically?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. trplnkl

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    Wouldn't the daily OR do that?
  3. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    I have copies of that and it doesnt break it down to service levels of the packages.

    I cant believe with all the sups on here that swear up and down they do things by the books no one cant assist me and provide me with the name of the report that i need.

    Guess a lot of you just swear that you are honest on here.
  4. toonertoo

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    There should be a summary sheet, just like if you go into our summary, then arrow down. How you would get it, I have no idea. There are so many reports and new ones every day, it is ridiculous.
  5. Bubblehead

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    I'm thinking your only recourse is to catch them red handed upon their return to the building.

    Audit them as the truck is unloaded.

    I'm sure there is a report somewhere, but compelling them to produce it???... good luck. UPS would have us believe that technology has regressed and information cannot be produced for grievances. Amazing how much is available for discipline though. I call BS.
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    Please reread that and ask this, Do you really think you'll get the answer you're looking for?:peaceful:
  7. broncobros1

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    Why would they tell you...? I'm sure with your "super-sleuthing" you will be able to discover the answer.
  8. redshift1

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    It's been awhile but PTE generates some pick up information if the driver entered the information correctly. I believe its called the PTE timecard and can be printed. Normally we would not pay ground without prior authorization like airport shuttles bringing volume to the building for delivery. Who's filing the grievences?. Most of the reports I can recall require someone to enter data and are therefore subject to error.
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    The time card report from the new web based payroll system will provide you with that information. I want to say it is a GTS report for each time card of the drivers in question.
  10. Mike57

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    It seems to me ,not too long ago UPS advertised that you could leave ground shipments in there drop boxes . Just putting me 2 cents in. That's about all I have left . Just joking!
  11. UnsurePost

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    Here in NE, if the driver has gone by and completed the pickup and is not going back, the air driver must pick up all packages grounds airs etc. That is probably a side-deal typical of up here, but that's how it is.
  12. barnyard

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    1st of all, thanks for pursuing this. Cannot be very easy.

    I've been reviewing my PUs from when I was a PT air driver and if you were to go through my PU logs, you would not be able to tell how many ground I picked up.

    I was trained to enter the total pieces PU, then all the air pieces, then Intl. I never separated out 2day or 3day in the counts.

    We all know that air drivers do pick up air (I did, but they were ARS packages that people handed me. I never PU'd ground at a regular PU.), but I think you have an uphill battle proving it.

    Good luck

  13. outamyway

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    If they scanned the packages, they should be on a report somewhere. All you need is the tracking number. The two digits after the shipper number in the tracking number will tell you the type of service. 03 is ground.

    When you do pick ups you are supposed to separate service when you enter the info in your board(like the above poster stated). You can look up the info in the DIAD, and check the total number of air, ground, 2DA, ect. picked up for the day.

    It would be amazing if there isn't a report that shows the same info.
  14. BrownSuit

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    Yes, but often the boxes that would have an air driver (late pickup time) have separate ground and air commit times. In these cases the air driver should not be touching the ground packages unless directed by a supervisor.

    Any special customer situations are generally arranged as air/international only. The same with the on-calls for Daily Pickups, they are supposed to only be for air/international. Others are supposed to specify for this reason, with ground having an earlier cut-off.

    If there is a directive to pick them up, the driver should clarify their position and ask if they intended to include ground packages in that request.

    If they are doing it on their own because they are nice people or unclear as to the difference, good luck grieving it.
  15. 705red

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    Thanks for everyone's help. I visually saw the grounds on these air drivers. I used their diads and went under the summary report in their diads which does break down the service levels if they scanned an end of day, or the packages .

    Here's the problem, i have been filing on this for many months only to have the cases deadlocked at panel and now waiting on arbitration. The burden of the proof is on the union in this case. We are at the nlrb with charges because under the nlrb we have the right to any and all info that we request to resolve a grievance.

    I have statements from the air drivers and other stewards that assisted in these audits, but i know there is a report that would verify the numbers that i have.

    When air drivers pick up 1800 packages in one night and over 700 of them are grounds and i have fulltime package drivers at home, this is a huge problem!

    Thanks again and thank you to those of you that pmed me also!
  16. dilligaf

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    Good luck Red.
  17. chopstic

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    there should be a record including tracking numbers. I know that UPS has to have records linking packages to Diad users. If you can get those tracking numbers you can run them through ETT tracking and get all the info you need from the package including service level, tracking info, pickup and delivery times, etc...
  18. nobber

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    did u try asking the air drivers and getting stsements from them
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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  20. Stran

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    The PM air drivers in my center pick up ground packages all the time. They are paid full scale for the air driving portion of their day, most of the PM air driving jobs are combo jobs. They do later pickups after the full timer has been through. Not sure what report the service levels show up on.