What would it take for a Yes Vote?


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I’d like very strong 9.5 language . So strong they keep us more like 8.5 . Unless we want it. I’m sure the raises will be about the same , 4-5 bucks over the next 5 years . Maybe change the language for the cola to help more. No forced 6th day , that’s me thinking about the other guys , I’m never forced besides December , and we all know ups will still black out rules from November 1 til jan 15


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I am beginning to think you are some company troll pushing more concessions in the next contract. Enough with concessions every contract. Either stand up with the Union members or put your letter in for management.


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More ft jobs.

End 22.4. One pay scale for the same work performed.

No more treating single VACATION days as forced sick days when we need to call in. Employees who choose not to convert vacation weeks into svd days are treated differently than those who don't and are punished more for calling in.

For starters.

End The Stupid culture that this company has developed by focusing on things that aren't that important and have no impact on our customers

Actually, my first vote will almost certainly be a NO unless it is a really good contract.

I'm always open to bribery...
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As far as RPCD pay goes, i wont vote yes on anything less than $47 immediately, and $55 by the end of the contract.

Part time pay starting at $20, with a four year progression maxing out at $30, $35 by the end of the contract

22.4 gone

Pvd gone except for peak

9.5 automatic triple time, no grievance needed (unless you ask for the work)

3 percent 401k match

May seem like alot but this is what i need to see to vote yes. Companys got more money than they know what to do with.

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There are obvious bits but honestly it boils down to how the company wants to operate as a business. From glossy android phones to virtual study routes, horrific "gansta" treatment of packages inside the building, underinvestment in literally anything I would get excited for just the same brown truck, often even bigger, add-cuts and the almighty hin number.
Basically the belief that the union ought not to have a seat in how the company operates needs to be radically broken for me to finally be a bit happier here.
Perhaps a good first step is to claim supervisors as our own and reconfigure them more akin to shop foremen.