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  1. Was given a bulk stop yesterday for a Comm stop that is in the same town as the center, only problem is, my route is in a town 30 miles away and the Comm stop opens late!!!! I tell the OEM that I will have trouble del that stop beacause they will be closed when I go by there and I have to get to my route!!!! He didn't seem that it bothered him, so it sure didn;t bother me!!!! Made a attempt on area going by Edd, and they were closed!!!! Get called in the office this AM and completely chewed out by the center mngr and wrote up for not providing service to the customer!!!! Was told I should have made a redelivery at 745 last night when I came back into town!!! My Edd showed no stops left and making another atempt was the last thing on my mind after a 11 hour day!!! I want to know what you would do??? I want to file harassment papers!!! Totaly uncalled for!!
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    This was a poor decision by your dispatch sup; however, that being said, you should have reattempted the delivery. Your EDD may have shown no deliveries left but the data for the missed bulk stop was still in there. Your initial attempt was before their posted business hours so basically it was as if no attempt was made. Yeah, the consignee would have been :censored2: at getting a bulk stop at 1945, but it's better than no attempt at all.
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    What time does it open, was this the only delivery you had in this town.

    I want to file harassment papers!!! Totaly uncalled for!! Harassment of who?
  4. DS

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    If you knew this place was not open yet,why did you waste your time going there early?
    Does EDD allow you to rearrange a stop? You could also have called the center when you made the
    first attempt and they probably would've told you to go back when they're open.Are you new?
  5. brownmonster

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    He tried to explain to the fool that giving him one stop in a town he doesn't deliver in before it even opens makes no sense. Fools don't listen to common sense, thus they are condemned to remain fools.
  6. Open at 11:00. I tried to del at 9:30!!! CL 1... I told them before I left it would be closed when I got there!!! I made a attempt at 9:30!!! Did what i had been taught////// Being called in the office, wrote up, talked to like a dog and threatened to be fired if it happened again, is not harassament to you??? That's one thing that is wrong with this company, we allow them to talk, and treat us anyway they want!!! And we just sit back and take it!!!! And when did we start making multiple attempts in the same day???
  7. DS??? When do you suggest I made a attempt on the stop???? 7:30 at night??? What had they been closed and I would have been wrote up for del a comm stop at 7:30!!! No I am not new!!! You were probably still nursing when I started!!!
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    You should have told them that you would run the 60 mile round trip from your area after the stop opens. We need to stop investing in technology and hire people with a clue to be in charge. Classic.
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    Always let them make the decision. Their choices:

    1) Attempt on the way out-Closed.
    2) Attempt on the way in-Closed
    3) Ask what time should you break trace and make delivery then return to route.

    Present those choices to the center manager before you leave. Let him decide. Work as directed. You are now free from retaliation as it was their decision.

    Work smarter ( than them) not harder.
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    I presume you are in the union?
    You made an attempt during normal business hours-( 9 to 5) and not during lunch hours-(12 to 1)-.
    You informed the center "team", before you left the building.
    The center "team" planning was at fault.
    Even though I am a non union scab, I would use their warning letter as toilet paper.
  11. Jackburton

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    I'd run my air and then come back to make that my first ground stop. With those kinds of miles you'd plan up and management could care less how you planned, just that you planned. If questioned concerning why you didn't attempt on the way out, explain they wouldn't be open. In order to service this customer you needed to do so when said customer is open, and that means coming back. If further questioned, have said management explain to you on how to do it.

    Most important part of this is making sure you service the customer, they pay both our and managements salary, even if it doesn't agree with managements plan.
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    I would have done just what u did. You can't fix stupid and unfortunately management is hella stupid sometimes.
  13. DS

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    Maybe,but I doubt it.
  14. soberups

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    Your "management team" made a business decision to send you out the door with a failed dispatch in order to (a) get the preloader off of the clock (b) get the packages out of the building and (c) eliminate enough routes to look good on the daily report. Standard operational procedure. You were merely the messenger of the fact that their "plan" was hopeless. The warning letter you received is nothing more than your center manager trying to shift responsibility for the missed packages away from himself and on to you. Try not to lose sleep over the letter, it isnt worth the paper its written on and in 9 months it will be worth even less than that.
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    i disagree. This was such an idiotic call to make by the dispatch supervisor to begin with. People that ignorant and full of incompetence in those positions in our organization is what is wrong with our company right now.
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    I would complete my business stops in "town" then break off and drive 30 mins to this business, del, then drive 30 mins back to town. Del a few res then take lunch.
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    DS, if we sheet a stop at any location other than the delivery address, GPS and Telematics will record this and it could be used for disciplinary purposes. EDD does not allow you to rearrange a stop; however, you can skip over stops in EDD by placing a "bookmark" next to the first stop of the section that you are currently delivering.

    I would have attempted the stop and then sent an ODS indicating that the stop was closed. I then would have re-attempted the stop on the way back to the center.
  18. dilligaf

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    After having made it clear to them that the business is not open, as you did, I would have not even bothered to stop by the business. I would have gone back to it later and made the delivery. Yes, I understand that it is 30 miles. Let them eat the miles and the 9.5 grievance and the missed businesses on your rte. F em and feed em fish heads.
  19. dilligaf

    dilligaf IN VINO VERITAS

    My priority would always be my rte customers. If I get add/cuts I will always try to do my best to get everything off but the priority is MY rte not dispatches F'dU ideas. I know I said let them eat your missed businesses but I shouldn't have and I wouldn't do that to my customers. But I would drive the 60 miles RT to go back and deliver after I got my air and my businesses done.

    PS: Right or wrong, I have been stubborn enough in the past to do exactly what you did. And ya it bit me in the backside doing it. Sometimes it is worth it though. It does make a point.
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    I am sure that you were trying to make a point when you decided not to make a 2nd attempt. I have done the same thing and had pretty much the same result, a call into the office with a threat of a warning letter and I knew that was a chance I was taking.

    The OP states he/she had an 11 hour day that day. If you have 3 over 9.5's, file a grievance. You were given that stop because someone figured you would suck it up and do it. Quit sucking it up, file a freaking grievance.