Whats so Bad about this Contract?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Pasaholic, Nov 5, 2007.

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    All I hear is bad things about this contrac yet reading it I don't see all these so called givebacks? Lets see we still get a avarge of .75 raise, great insurance and pension with no preimiums, early retirement ages, 20,000 full time jobs.
    It you don't like the 9.5 language just sign the 9.5 list, some people like the overtime and some do not, so if you don't want it, sign the list.
    Remember UPS is not goverment welfare program,:cursing:
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    First off, its not an average of seventy-five cents, its an average of 37.5 cents every six months, for PTers that costs us about 200 bux a yr (roughly, assuming a 20 hr work week). the job creation is 0 jobs, they are just creating jobs THEY SHOULD HAVE ALREADY CREATED. thats all i got, im not a driver so cant voice about 9.5
  3. Pasaholic

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    I belive 37.5 + 37.5 = .75 cents? so what if you get 12 raises instead of 6 duing the life of the contract?
  4. BrownShark

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    Do you need attention this bad??

    Why dont you , Tieguy, Rocky rogue, satellite and the other coneheads start a thread and pull each others diads in a small circle and see if you guys can entertain each other??

    Geez, management at its best.

  5. Pasaholic

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    First off Brownshark, I am a Teamster and a driver, I hate losers like you who come to work in the morning, cry about your dispatch or your something about your route, decide aall day your going to screw managment and in the end just screw your fellow drivers by us having to clean up your mess.
    This is a fair contract, I am still waiting for whats so bad about this deal?
  6. tieguy

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    only one of those guys listed is management. I take it your keeping a list somewhere of those who disagree with your bleak outlook on life?

    Since I am a senior partner here I think its only fair that I stay and you start your circle jerk somewhere else?
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    Pas, heres my take, our $4 an hour in raises over 5 years really comes out $2.25 after the 35 cents deferral towards our health and welfare per year. Now im fine with that but tell me im geting $2.25 dont look for loop holes to sell it better. 8 hour language has gotten weaker and as a driver i am only entitled to 20 8 hour days a year and you cant or wont honor them, my family deserves to know that i will make that graduation, party, family event when i go to work that morning. 9.5 langauge has a new phrase allowing ups to protect its integrity on dispathing, now if youhave a bonus route god bless, but if your an hour plus over your in for a fight on that triple time. The new grievance and arbitration language forces you to argue evrey case as a new case with no past practice on the out comes which is bad. Ptimers still starting at $8.50 an hour going into the year 2013, with no medical. No new 22.3 jobs, in 97 alot of us were ptime and have been afforded a ftime oppurtunity from the results of our actions, and nowwe just gave it all back. Local 177 in jersey will have year round helpersm good luck going ftime in jersey. I could go on for some more but its late and im going to bed if you need more i will post more tomorrow. Now weigh your options and reply to me why you think this contract is a ggod contract, lets debate a little sensibly.
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    Mr. B.S.
    That's the best you can do?
    Rocky doesn't work at UPS anymore, so, he doesn't have a DIAD.
    Tie is management, so, he has no DIAD.
    I am a driver, so, I have a DIAD.
    I guess i will have to entertain myself,by reading your nonsensical posts.
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    First off I think for what we get in benifits getting a little less this time around in wages is more then fair, did you know the full time sups pay a premium of about $250 a month for medical?
    Second how many more 22.3 jobs dose UPS really need?
    I see alot of combo job workers who lets just put it nicely are not the most productive workers. These have got to be the most unproductive jobs, if this was such a big deal the union would have pushed harder for them.
    As for the nine five language, as you said you are entitled to 20 8hr days, use them, get on the 9.5 list and use the grivence procedure if there is a problem, you think the fed-ex ground grivers have any grivence for 12 hour days?
    Last why is everyone so worryed about the part-timers who re even born yet?
    If the union was so worryed about them they would have gotten more for them and maybe less for the full-timers, but then who pays higher dues?

  10. I think Richard Nixon had a list like that...
  11. Pollocknbrown

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    So what? 200 bux a year for me is part of my rent and utilities (split between me and my buddy). and 400+ bucks for drivers a year (depending upon OT). If it were me i'd want the extra 400+ dollars, but hey, maybe im crazy and want to make money.

    and its a 5 year contract so 10 raises instead of 12 like u say. and the lack of job creation? ok so some of the people are a unproductive, do u think its better to have a part-timer doing the same job being as unproductive?
  12. steeltoe

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    Pasaholic, I have to jump in here and offer you what being a union member is about.

    1. How can you compare our benefits to management? If they make their own pay for benefits, what in the world are they going to do to us in the future. Our part-timers now receive health benefits after roughly 120 days for both themselves and their dependants. Under this contract, they woud wait one year for themselves and an additonal 6 months for dependants. If you were ever part-time, did you wait this long for health insurance? Of course not, because the people before you did not allow such language. As a man, how could you want less for our future Teamsters, than what you received yourself? I was raised that you take care of the ones in the future so that they can have it better than you did. Is this not what we teach our children? Being a Union member is about the whole picture, not what suits just your needs. You offer the word "We" in your statement, but you are only talking about the "we" that is you and people in your situation.

    As for 22.3 jobs, I will not totally disagree. As for FEDEX drivers working 12 hour days. They do not have a union, therefor can not file grievances. I do not understand where you are going with this premise.

    Now, for the real kicker. I am not sure how you can make a statement about future part-timers as if they do not matter. This is part of the problem with our union. Me, Me, Me, that is what most care about.

    Now, let's talk about your ridiculas statement about "Who pays higher dues". I am in the South East. We all pay 2.5 hours per month to be members of the union. For numbers sake, let's say the average driver makes $28.00 per hour and is guaranteed 172 hours per month (40 x 4.3 = 172). That equals $4816.00 per month with no overtime. The average driver is paying $70.00 per month in dues or 1.45% of his monthly salary to be a union member. Now, let's say the average part-time is making $12.00 per hour. He is guaranteed 75.25 hours per month (17.5 hours x 4.3 weeks = 75.25 hours) for a total of $903.00 per month. His dues cost him $30.00 per month (2.5 x $12.00 per hour=$30.00) His monthly union dues percentage is 3.3% of his monthly salary. The average part-timer is paying double the percentage of his monthly income to be a union member than the average full-timer. This is not hard to understand.

    Yes, you may pay a higher dollar amount, but the part-timer is paying double the percentage and has less than half of the guaranteed hours. Which do you think has the higher burden of dues? Again, it is not hard to understand. So, before you talk about your higher dues and not caring about our future brothers and sisters, think about what you are saying.

    I am sure that I sound like a jerk, but your post was very disapointing. It seems that the concept of all for one and one for all has gone down the toilet.

    As far as your question about the Union not caring about the part-timers. I have to say, that you are correct. We should be questioning our leaders and asking them why they are selling out our future brothers and sisters.
  13. Johney

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    Your kidding right? Go back to school.
  14. Damok

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    The split raise issue was brought up at our last meeting and we were told that there was no way UPS would agree to a $4 raise at one time. The only way to get it was through a split. I'm pretty sure this was one of the trade offs to get the pension stuff through so they were giving us a bit of a line. I think people don't like it because the second half of the raise comes after peak season. I'm not crazy about the idea either but it's not a deal breaker to me.
  15. Cole

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    The new language on GPS can prove to be problematic, especialiy when you can't sheet up a bus stop between 12/1, and sometimes you can'y get back to that area, so some will sheet it where they are rather than riding back to the place just to sheet it as closed. They they can claim you're being dishonest, and whamo you're fired and waiting to go to panel, which can take upwards of 3 months. That's all I have time for, but will try to get more detailed later. ;)
  16. jccuch

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    I Dont Think Management Should Be A Member Of The Brown Cafe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+ Thay Pay $250.00 A Month For There Health Care But Remeber Thay Make A Lot More Than A Driver Makes + All The Stock Thay Get Each Year .
  17. Damok

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    I have to strongly disagree with that one. Any serious set of discussions should have all sides represented.

    Of course if this is just an alias troll post then you can disregard my post and go on about your business ;)
  18. Cole

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    I have to agree with Damok, simply because this isn't a Teamster etc...only mb, and being the "Brown Cafe" includes all UPSers. It's good to hear each others side and dialogue with the other side, in a respectful way imho.
  19. tony051

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    the only thing that this contract bothers me about is the fact that part timers are only receiving an extra 20 to 45 cents a hear on top of our anually 50cent raises. We have to work our but off and an extra 25cents extra an hour is nothing.
  20. Damok

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    Say what now?