Whats the point of having a bid route if you can get bumped off of it?

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    I have looked the contract up and down and cannot find anywhere that says anything about not being able to get bumped a a bid route driver. Whats the point of using your seniority to get a bid route if you cant use it to keep it? This is all in regards to the fight Im having with the union over their interpretation of the contract. Contract says if your route is temp taken out, you have the right to follow 50% of your work. If it is split 2 or more ways, you may follow it by seniority. They are allowing these bumped drivers to bump anyone below them (bid driver or not), and then the person that gets bumped cannot bump anyone below them with a bid route. We have never done this in our center. Drivers who have had routes taken out temp were always offered work. There are routes that arent bid yet, and always work to be done. I dont understand why they have to fix one problem, then create another. What are my rights if I (and many, many others) disagree with the union on this?
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    From what I understand, It's a bumping effectall the way down. Here in central jersey we' ve been doing it for months. we have drivers going crazy. But we won't give in.
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    Did YOU or anyone grieve this?? If not do it or shut up. Everything is either decided or won by a grievence for the interpretion. You are a teamster file on it and get your brothers and sisters to join the ride. Take the challenge
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    In our center if you are a bid driver and your route is cut you can't bump another bid driver off their route..you have to replace the lesser senior employee in your classification and at that time is an unassigned driver or swing driver as most are referred to. We are the southeastern conference.
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    The 50 % change only applies if the route is changed for 30 days(except Nov & Dec). We have a couple of routes that get cut almost every Monday. These drivers become cover drivers and fall in at their seniority level among the other cover drivers. They cannot bump any bid drivers including cover drivers who have bid routes for the week. The only exception to this is when a junior employee would work and a senior employee would be sent home. Then the senior driver will work. We are in the Atlantic Area and have followed this practice as long as I remember.
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    You must work in a different Atlantic Area than I do. Around here we follow the language in Article 48, section 6. A driver whose area is eliminated can bump anyone under him in center, including bid drivers. The driver that they bump can do the same thing. The 3 rd bump ends up in cover.