What's The Right Way To Complain?

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    If I have a UPS delivery driver that absolutely refuses to knock or ring my doorbell when I receive a package, what can I do about it?
    So far this has happened three times in a row and the only times when I have had packages actually delivered to my home was when he had a fill-in driver.
    The rest of the time I receive one of those yellow/orange "InfoNotice" that UPS "attempted" delivery stuck to my door.
    This is especially irritating when I'm 10' on the other side of the door and had he knocked or rang I could have easily have heard him and answered the door, but I do admire his ninja-like skills in avoiding detection.
    The first time this happened I was able to run after him and catch him at his truck before he left my complex and I asked him why he did that and he claimed he knocked and rang the doorbell "a bunch of times".
    I told him I was on the other side of that door and had he knocked or rang the bell I would have heard him.
    I figured he would have gotten the message after that, but no, he didn't.
    The next time it happened, I couldn't catch him but I did call the local UPS distribution center and asked the customer relations person to please ask him not to do that anymore.
    It just happened again. :mad:
    The third time was this Friday.
    So, at this point I can only conclude that this is intentional, and I'm wasting my time dealing with customer service operators at the Chula Vista facility and that I need to escalate this thing so I don't have to drive twenty miles in each direction to get a UPS packages.
    So, what's the best way to handle this?
    Does UPS just blow off all customer complaints unless there is ironclad photographic evidence or do I stand a chance of actually receiving a UPS delivery at my door like I'm supposed to?

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    Next time, try opening the door. I think you'll get your package every time if you do that.
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    There are *******s everywhere in life. Unfortuneately, they are also employed and it seems like you have one.

    He must have some reason to do this, your house might be blacklisted in the board. Have you ever filed a claim? Send agains suck, unless he's trying to keep his stop count up I don't know why he'd be doing this.
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    I don't knock or ring the bell anymore. Years ago I had a customer threaten me because I woke her up.
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    if its in a nice residential neighborhood & the package is driver releasable i wont knock either, i'm normally in a rush to get the job done. 10 or more hours in a day is long enough as it is & i try to get rid of as much as possible before my pickups start. But if the guy is leaving notes on your door without knocking then he's just an a**hole. I'm really not trying to sound condescending so please dont take this the wrong way but; does your doorbell work? I've received a few customer complaints that I didnt knock even though I rang the bell only to have the customer yell at my customer service reps that their bell is broken.
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    :confused:1 I gather from your post you live in an apartment bldg or some kind of multi unit complex? If so, do you have a mgr who could accept your pkgs? You must understand that in these multi unit enviroments we do not have alot of time to spend knocking and waiting (hoping) that someone will be home. Most people are at work and we spend alot of time walking around and filling out info notices. All drivers are trained to knock or ring doorbell when delivering, if your driver is not doing this then it is wrong, and you have a right to complain. I am a driver and I can tell you that we do not want to come back for a re-delivery if we can deliver the package the first time. If the guy is taking the time to write an info notice and stick it to your door, isn't that weird he wouldn't knock/ring doorbell. You need to talk to the driver again and try to come up with a plan, when I need signatures from repeat customers I give them a pad of info notices and have them sign the back and leave one pinned to the door when they are expecting a delivery. If this dose not work you could have your pkgs sent to your place of work/business.
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    BigBrownSanta: How would I know to open the door if he doesn't knock? :confused:1

    If he would just leave the packages on the doorstep that would be GREAT too!
    These packages do not require a signature, and then I wouldn't care if he knocked or rang the bell; I'd have my packages! :thumbup1:
    The doorbell works just fine and I was even able to demonstrate that to the UPS rep while I was on the phone by ringing it, and he admitted that even he could hear it, while over the phone and while I was outside. I think either old people or someone that was hard of hearing used to live here because that is the loudest doorbell I have ever had.

    The last "InfoNotice" I received from Friday has the signature portion on the back scribbled out by the driver and the "signature required" portion circled, but I confirmed with the sender that they almost never send with a signature required - and these two packages specifically did not need a signature to be delivered. That one act right there tells me that I'm on his ***** list.

    Finally, there is no management office here to leave anything with them, but the place is gate guarded, and according to the customer service person at UPS I spoke with that gives the driver a lot of latitude on deciding on whether to leave a package on the doorstep. Besides, the crime rate here on Coronado Island is almost non-existent, so in this area that's usually not a realistic concern.

    I think I'm wasting my time here dealing with the driver and the CSR directly and I was curious as to whom I should escalate this too.
    I have never filed a claim or complained to UPS for any reason about anything before this.

    Why does he do this?
    I think it's just faster for him, especially on my end of the complex, to just slap a Infonotice on the door and keep going. That way he doesn't have to drag the packages from his truck (where he usually parks it) to the far end of the complex. When I complained that :censored2: him off and now he's just not going to deliver anything to me other than yellow stickies.
    That's my theory.
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    340 methods are expected to be used when a "on road sup" is performing an OJS on a driver. So why wouldn't you use them when your by yourself. Too look good on the op report? Are you "running scared" of mngmt's reactions for running over 9 five? Part of CYA is working by methods as if UPS has the LP Gestapo watching your every move. Why give mngmt the upper hand when your caught doing something your not supposed to do. Integrity=job security no matter what the OP report says.

    As far as Jimbo's case....I find it hard to believe driver won't knock but takes the time to write out delivery notice...Do you really think he want's to redeliver your pkg the next day? And repeat this process 3 days in a row? So if you are a real customer as you say you are( we have trolls )Why don't you stick a note on your door stating your home and to ring door and knock loudly. Your previous tenent could have made cliams therefore if you have moved in recently your address is still blacklisted. That can be changed.

    A few years ago, we had an Apt complex take pkgs at the leasing office providing you left a del. notice on their door...Well it took only one swing driver (who knew he should of left notes but didn't) who habitually delivered everything straight to the leasing office and when ask if he left notes he lied and said yes and they finally got fed up and stopped taking pkg's. This is a perfect example of a driver's only intention to run scratch, get home early, impress mngmt for a supervisors job. Now the customer suffers and it creates more work/send agains for the bid driver.
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    maybe you :censored2: him off in the past??? sounds like he just wanna dick you on purpose? I would just leave the pkg so i dont have to come back again, it take me more time to write the info notice than just drop the pkg.
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    My God!
    I have been discovered!
    Yes, I have lived my whole life with the dream that I would one day have the opportunity to troll a UPS board! :ohmy:
    Another dream realized.

    I have lived here over three years. I have asked him (in person - to his face) to just leave the packages the first time I had to chase down his truck. This is a recent problem.
    He doesn't have to return with the same package if I have to drive 20 miles to pick it up at the main processing center, so it is easier for him than schlepping a package a hundred yards to the other side of the complex.
    That is, assuming, that he is acting in good faith.
    Then again, how do you explain why he would cross out the signature release portion on the InfoNotice for a package that does not even need a signature?

    I have never had any encounters with him in the past, so I don't know how I could have :censored2: him off before.
    I wondered about that part too, but I don't have any answers.

    Do I just document everything and send letters to the Chula Vista facility and the UPS corporate headquarters in Atlanta?
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    Can you post the tracking number of one of your pkgs? We can tell by the nmbr if it requires a singnature, ( example-1z12345642) after the 1z there is a 6 digit acct # followed by 2 nmbrs that will designate if it is sig req. or if it can be driver released, as long as your address can be released. It is always a possibility that there have been claims made in your complex and the driver does not want to driver release (DR) any more pkgs there.
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    Those are two packages that shipped and arrived togeather.
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    As you can tell, Jimbo, alot of UPS drivers off today willing to help or chime in with their two cents. I too am a driver who agrees with Mr. Vengeance that I would rather leave the package (not an info notice) at your door than come back the next two days. I think, too, that you should leave a note on your door saying it is OK for UPS to DR ("driver release" or leave) your package at the door. And thanks for shipping UPS still despite all the problems. If I were you I would have called the center and had the driver told specifically to ring or knock on your door. Coronado, eh? Lucky you.
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    I remember back in the days when I was a package driver we could not Driver release packages at apt complexes. If it is computer parts they are probably signature required. We usually do not dr high value pkgs.
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    Call Management And Ask Them Why The Drivers Are Loaded Down With So Much Work They Cant Do The Job Effectively. Ask Them To Get Off Thier Backs And Be More Social. Be Careful Though , Nap Time Is Between 10am And 5pm At Most Centers.
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    Those were some of the very first things I tried.
    I specifically asked the driver if I could give him a blanket release or indemnity letter and he could just drop everything on my porch; signatures be damned.
    He said no, that was "against UPS policy" and that his software could not even allow him to register a package as "delivered" unless he had a signature on that electronic pad.
    After that I did call the Chula Vista facility and asked them if they could just remind the driver to knock or ring my doorbell in the future and I specifically added that I wasn't looking for a note to be put into the driver's file or for him to get into any trouble.
    They said OK, and that they would just remind the driver.
    That is when things went from bad to worse.
    So yeah, the driver was told by me and the Chula Vista facility where he works. That didn’t get me far.

    Update: This is my next expected delivery: 1Z 3AX 971 03 5152 594 2
    Can anyone tell me if this one will be signature required?
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