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    I am just wondering if every division is run the same way.

    I work at a small extended center. Our air volume was delayed this morning due to weather and did not get to the airport until noon. I had to finish running a a route for a TCD that called in before I could drive over to get our volume because we were short on staffing today and we have no extra vehicles. I got our volume back to the center at 3 and was able to get some of the volume out but still have several hundred LIB packages. I sent a message to all drivers that were going to have DOT hours left at the end of the week and had 10 drivers lined up for Saturday to deliver so we could be caught up by Monday. I called my DM to let him know that we were opening the building on Saturday and he told me to hold the volume until Monday. I was then told that I had to bring most of my rental vehicles back before Monday morning. I know that it is not cost effective to pay drivers time and a half to deliver air on Saturday, but what about the cost of lost customers.......how many packages are going to have to be LIB's next week before it justifies getting the rental's back. I know that my DM is just doing as instructed, but is anybody else experiencing this setup to fail horribly next week?
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    I'm still laughing about the the cost of lost customers.
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    Give up trying to reason with it.
    Accept it and do as you're told.
    OK shut up and do as you're told.
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    As soon as you figure out that you only do what you are told and that your opinion doesnt matter, the sooner you will start to enjoy life more//// Welcome to the UPS way
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    Come down to NYC buildings and you will find 10,000+ LIB everyday.
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You made operational plans without asking permission first??
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    the buildings in nyc had supes FLOWN in from georgia,nc,sc ,and others from nj and upper nys... hey ups-HIRE more people -we are a SERVICE company...we are not UNITED PARCEL STORAGE ... i hope the company re-evaluates this debacle, and decides to man-up in 2013
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    That is not the NYC problem.....

    You are right that the situation is not good, but its NOT due to refusal to hire.
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    How much, if any, is the problem due to the aftermath of Sandy?
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    Wonder who made the decision to let the entire centers premium package sit at the airport so they could finish delivering one ground package route? Someone should have been sitting on the ramp when the plane landed.
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Someone certainly has their priorities in the wrong place---air always trumps ground.
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    If you want to stay sane in the hub, you really need to leave common sense at home and just do as your told....there's really no use in trying to make sense of what goes on lol
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    It used to be that once the air had an exception scan there was no refund for being late, so don't spend any extra money to get the stuff delivered.
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    This still exists but they still make every effort to get the bulk of the air shuttled and then delivered in trace.
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    Sugar coat it anyway you want. We don't have equipment or staff, we don't even have room to hold all the volume. No one here has DOT hours left by Friday.
  16. pretzel_man

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    Not sure what is sugar coated???

    The company is choosing a very expensive option to remedy the situation.

    The original poster implied that the cause was the company refusing to hire people. That is not the case.
  17. worldwide

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    What is the case? Inept planning and management? Lack of accountability?
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

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    ...a natural disaster of epic proportions?.....
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  20. worldwide

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    More to it than just that. Sandy is a factor but there were issues there long before Sandy blew into town. Pretzel_man knows...