When I think of my future at UPS, I think of ...

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by over9five, Nov 3, 2002.

  1. over9five

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    The current poll at UPSers.com. I was thinking of some answers not approved by UPS:

    1. ....how many times I will get injured.

    2. ....how many times Ill be brought into the office.

    3. ....how many years to go!

    4. ....when is my next vacation!

    5. ....have I used all my sick days?
  2. whatsthetune

    whatsthetune Guest

    1. as many times as you fail to work safely
    2. as many times as you fail to do your job satisfactorily
    3. too many
    4. not soon enough for your management team and locker buddies tired of your complaining
    5. there are not enough sick days to cover your type of illness
  3. trouble1903

    trouble1903 Guest


    find your sense of humor, we are all just trying to get through the day.


    that was great.
  4. deliver_man

    deliver_man Guest

    You forgot "How many more driver follow-ups will I have to complete after the cover driver runs my route?"
  5. over9five

    over9five Guest

    Nice one, deliver man!

    And, yes, whatsthetune, it was meant as humor. Get over yourself!
  6. kidlogic

    kidlogic Guest

    If any of you managment people are bewildered by teamsters whom seem to demand every golden egg from UPS every contract you can thank people like whatthetune. The negativity toward the union worker makes them hate their jobs and when it come contract time they want every cent they can get to tolerate people like whatsthetune. How about you changeyourtune so they leave a few golden eggs for the company to invest in (our) UPS's future
  7. tieguy

    tieguy Guest

    Interesting point Kid. the only negativity you detected on this string was the one management post?
  8. kidlogic

    kidlogic Guest

    No not at all. Over 9.5 can easily be seen as negative. But I find it hard to understand why a managment person would think that its to the company's advatage to provoke the person who is the vision of UPS in the customer's eyes. Saying negative things to a driver like some of the anti-worker posting here is like delivering a nextday air a day late. We stand to lose the customer. If a driver takes offense at a managment persons view that he is overpaid and should be happy no matter how he is treated or just treat him unfairly. He will respond by sloppy..just do as little as you can..work ethic that will in turn causes customers to leave. The driver is UPS's product. If you want drivers who care,who turn in sales leads and pick it up a notch when needed treat them with respect. It's like that song "you get what you put in and people get what they deserve"<font size="-2">Kidrock</font> Treat people right or you will get what you deserve.
  9. upsgoat

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    kidlogic/loco480/saintemo, all the same person. Ignore the posts!!!
  10. tieguy

    tieguy Guest

    I think your right goat. Now the guy expects me to believe a driver will have service failures because of something said on this board.
  11. deliver_man

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    My own emotional well-being is directly tied to the comments made on this board by management personnel. If I read one more negative comment I will call in sick tommorow so I can stay home and recover.
  12. kidlogic

    kidlogic Guest

    Upsgoat check msn stock quote message board under UPS and you will find that I am not who you say that I am.
    For Tieguy you obviously missed the point. One would think that we are the same here as we are at work. Which would be a some what fair evaluation.And if he is so quickly to attack here he is probably the same at work too. I am tired of guys who dont do their share, cover my run and deliver it like crap, or just have bad attitudes toward everything and they all have the same story. How some metro treated them wrong so they want to stick it to the company every chance they get. To get even(maybe collect all those golden eggs).
    And you agree that this managment style is good for the company. Please explain.

    P. S. I hope that I dont have to explain such a simple concept again.
  13. tieguy

    tieguy Guest

    No you've explained yourself very well. you made the comment then you try to belittle me for questioning it.
  14. dammor

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    Different thread, but same old BS. Excuse my language, but it seems every thread turns out to be a pissing contest. I think I'll play poker.
  15. wkmac

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    Well I thought this might be a somewhat positive thread "BUT" I see I was wrong. However, I'll be a little positive here.

    Last Thursday, a fellow UPSer retired after 30 years and he and I in the weeks leading up to his retirement talked about life at UPS. A few distasteful moments but tons of good and even funny stuff over the years. Now I read about Ind. Driver Steve Roach who also has a positive outlook on what he does.

    As I look back over the years sure I can name several events I didn't like but as I think about it all, these are not what comes to mind. It's the positive, humorous events that come to mind way more often than not. UPS, with all its faults has been overall a good thing for me and IMO I think the future wil be pretty good too. I'm sure there will be moments I don't like but like the past, the positives will outweigh the negatives.

    I can't say I'll hang around 40 years like Steve Roach has because the wife and I have some plans that don't include a daily visit to UPS but I appreciate what I have had a chance to experience because of my association with the company. And even in a time when sending folks out the door to boost the bottomline is in favor, UPS has choosen, as much as they can, to keep folks working and this type of security and loyality is something not common place in this day and age. We all (management and hourly)need to step back and give this more consideration than we seem too.

    Thanks UPS. Your not perfect by a long shot but then again neither am I.
  16. tieguy

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    Good post
  17. dammor

    dammor Guest

    Thanks......It's nice to hear something positive.
  18. over9five

    over9five Guest

    "Well I thought this might be a somewhat positive thread ..."

    Me too, Sorry I started it tho.....
  19. whatsthetune

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    I must be missing it...what's humorous about injuries, poor job performance necessitating office meetings and calling in sick?
  20. proups

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    whatsthetune: while I agreed with your answers to over9five's attempt to have some fun with the UPSers poll, what you are missing is that he was just trying to have some fun with the actual available responses for that poll. I thought his post was funny, but you are on the mark with your answers.

    Other than "how many times will I get injured" and "how many times I will be brought into the office", I think the other three thoughts quite often!