When is this summer cut route thingy going to end?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by you aint even know it, Jul 20, 2013.

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    My hours have been getting reduced because of weak people who are scared of the heat. It's time to man up! UPS is not a daycare center. We need more and more and more packages, which will equal more work for everybody and more money in UPS and everybody else's pockets; everybody wins! If you can't handle it, then quit. I'm sorry, but this job is not for everybody. You have to possess the immunity to work through harsh and tough weather while going at a fast pace that UPS wants us to. UPS provides health insurance for us hourlies - and it's free. So no need to worry about heat strokes, UPS covers that.
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    I think I'll leave this to someone else.
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    I aint even know it how he comes up with this stuff!!!!

    ​But it is funny!
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    Amen brother! Load em up!
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    People are disposable to UPS. Hiring people off the street = less money put out towards salary as well as a 48 month progression = more profit for Davis and Co.

    ​Crank up the overtime, bring on the injuries, lets get anyone who is close to retiring out so we can continue to replace with new fresh souls who will never retire. Seems like a well thought out plan.
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    Stick your head in the toilet and flush three times.
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    This guy is a f'ing joke.

    I'd LOVE to kick him square in the behind
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    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

    Or maybe 180º the other way?
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    Ill roshambo him to see who leaves but I get to go first.
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    I'd be good either way. However, if you're as good at kicking guys like my sister was, you can kick from behind AND have a nice front impact as well
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    Simple answer, troll........at the end of summer.

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    ​not funny. Kids on bath salts or something.
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    It may not end as it is VERY profitable to keep drivers out later and later
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    Will get worse in the upcoming contract in some regions.
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    Come on guys, where is your UPS pride? Press those uniforms and shine those shoes with a smile. Then, after they cut all the base-lines and dispatch you with an 11.5 day when the heat-index is 105, keep that smile and find some sales leads for heavens sake. We all need to do our part to grow the business and generate sales leads so we all have enough work. After all, 210 delivery stops is barely enough work for the proud, hard-working UPS driver. Just take an extra 10 minutes a day and sell the business to the public. Heck, what's the difference if you get home at 10:00 as opposed to 9:50?

    Its ok if you can't make all your commercial stops by 1700 because the base is out. There's always tomorrow or ways to cheat the customer by creative sheeting. The most important thing is you get more packages that we can't make service on. :whiteflag:
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    Ill say it again loser you are a freakin idiot dude. you work preload and have never been a driver so you have no idea of the driver life. You couldnt make it son youd go home crying to your mammy like the little biatch that you are enough said. Get lost dude your in the wrong place
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    ​He says to whom?
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    Perhaps someone should teach Jumpman about the quotation feature.