Which hub do I file grievance or does it even matter?

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    So my hub doesn't have PC's and was summon to another hub to go driving. Went to the new hub for a week and didn't enjoy it. Yes, I self disqualified myself unfortunately. Came back to my hub as a PT. It's been 3 weeks and I haven't got paid for that week. Went to that hub again and talk to my Sup. He said he doesn't have it and will ask someone to write me a check so I can pick it up tomorrow which will be Saturday. Came back home :censored2:.

    I'm going to assume I was never on their computer system during that first week there, which I can say that's not my problem. Second of all, you might ask why did I waited 3 weeks? Well I assume that the Sup would have gotten the hint that I don't work there anymore and would have mail me my check which hasn't happen.

    So now here I am, prepared to grievance in case I don't get my check tomorrow. Should I be talking to my steward at my hub or the hub that I didn't get paid for?
  2. If you don't get your check tomorrow ask the steward at your current hub to call the BA and have him straighten it out.
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    Yeah, because with the 50 things going on at one point we're thinking about a guy who isn't even in the building anymore. You earned your check and deserve it, but maybe being a little more proactive 2 weeks ago would have been helpful.
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    Dumb question. What's a BA?
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  6. Arch

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    Yup, I should have been more proactive. I guess my problem is that I'm too patience thinking it'll resolve itself before I start to get :censored2:.
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    Out of site, out of mind. It's as simple as that.
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    Its not anyone elses' money but yours you want to be paid go after it. They aren't going to hunt you down to give you a paycheck when your no longer at that building. Be persistent you earned it. Good luck
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    "Tell your supervisor with the shop steward as a witness. If your shortage is not corrected in two work days after you tell the supervisor, you may be eligible for penalty pay based on the amount of the shortage.

    After two work days, check with your supervisor to see if it was fixed. Then you and your shop steward can decide if a grievance should be filed at that point. Remember you have ten workdays from the violation to start the grievance process.

    If the shortage is above $40 dollars for full timers, then penalty pay will be at half your hourly rate and daily guarantee each pay period not corrected.

    That is 4 hours penalty pay per week.

    For part timers, if the shortage is above $20, then penalty pay will be at half your hourly rate and daily guarantee each pay period not corrected. That is 1.75 hours penalty pay at straight time per week."

    I am not sure if your penalty pay would be based on full or part time employment since you were employed full time for the pay shortage period. Your supervisor should be handling this. You should not have to contact someone in the other bldg. Make sure you follow up with your steward or BA on Monday.
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    The guy worked, period. It is the job of management to make sure he is paid. Typical management response...Blame the hourly.
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    Hahaha...god you have the perfect management attitude...wtf is wrong with supervisors