Who are you voting for in 2021. Sean o'Brien or the other guy


“They” are coming for us.
Obrien/Zuckerman is your vote then
Obrien/Zuckerman Teamsters United is the way to go then



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This is the mentality that keeps the vote NO pages going. Most these kids want to vote NO mainly because they feel it will hurt UPS and they want to see management "suffer".

Too blinded by their own anger.
When they see that piddly strike line check the real anger will boil up. Wonder if they will need another “Strike Credit Line”? The rates would be cheaper now....


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The fact that Hoffa is endorsing them may have something to do with it?

That would be kiss of death...

I believe that only 17 percent of the teamster’s membership voted, Hoffa barely won.. :canadfireworks: The original ticket that ran against him also had to change their candidate for the general president position..all this was done before the current administration forced in the last UPS contract.

Rumor has it that of the UPS teamsters that voted in the last general election 70 percent of them voted for Zuckerman’s ticket.

O’Brien’s ticket is a shoe in...

“won’t be fooled again” .... The Who
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