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    After Cochises attempted hatchet job on the jonestown thread the question does present itself as to who this guy is that would waste valuable time digging through the archives in the hopes of finding some wording he can trip me up with. Taking a look at his posting and we see he has a strong interest in defending the lost left perspective in politics as some rather outspoken past members have.

    Is Cochise one of those old antagonist now hiding under a new ID is he still licking his wounds from some past battle with moi.

    Or is Cochise a new player to the game. Someone who is dissatisfied with his station in life and feels management is at fault. Any management that is.

    Only time will tell. But your cry for help has been duly noted.
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    Rumor has it these are the same person ... not sure but a good working assumption.
    Pretty sure about passerby ... smells the same.

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    Don't you have access to IPs as a mod? That'd tell ya real quick.
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    That would work if someone is not spoofing their ip. From what I have read of cochise's posts, it does not seem possible that he has that understanding. :devil3:
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    Hmmm. A certain feeder driver from Arizona?
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    Sounds like Cochise was a double agent.............

    (1810?-74) legendary Chiricahua Apache chief, born probably in southeastern Arizona. Cochise participated in raids on Mexican settlements in the 1830s and 1840s, and became the principal chief of the Chokonen band in 1856. During the mid-1850s he alternated allegiances between the United States and Mexico.
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    RIP my friend from Arizona. Until we meet again.:happy-very: