Whoa, my pay check is wrong...in a good way.

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by B-Daz, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. BryantheLion

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    I checked my check on upsers, and it turned out like that. I'm curious to know where the $10.50 came from. I also see that the Union didn't take away their dues this week, when will they start taking away again? I heard after a while they start taking it every month, they were currently taking away $19, so by the end of the month, will I have $76 taken away from the last paycheck of the month?

    I only worked 4 days last week, so Im kinda curious to know why I'm getting my usual pay (I'm not complaining, but if its a mistake, I rather correct it now then have UPS take away money from me in my future paychecks).
  2. hyena

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    Honesty is always the best policy. I would go to your center manager and tell em.
  3. 1989

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    Maybe you got a dollar raise for the last day you worked.
  4. drewed

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    ummm tell your sup, make sure everythings kosher
  5. UnsurePost

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    Dues here are the 2nd paycheck of every month.

    Maybe you worked in a skilled job and got the extra dollar for a day? Or a contract raise? Ask your F/T sup
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    A few weeks ago i had jury duty, i was paid for 4 days of jury duty, then they also paid me 4 days of funeral pay! Needless to say my check was great for not working at all. The union rep said it was safest to just let my supervisor know. I told him, he had no idea how it happened, turns out payroll said it was fine and nothing was wrong!? So i got an extra $900 for free, thanks UPS.
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    Holy hell! Need a new flat screen? :greedy:
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    Do yourself a favor--take that $900 and put it away because somewhere down the line they will ask for it back. Someone in payroll will do an audit, discover the error, and you will be asked to return it. And, no, you can't take the big screen off the wall and hand it to them!
  9. DS

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    I think they may have keyed in the wrong code and classed this as berereavement pay.here's why I think so...in my collective agreement book
    I quote
    "The employee will be reimbursed at eight times the employee's straight-time hourly rate for each day lost from work for those employees whose regular scheduled work week is five(5) days."
    I think,they made a mistake.
    But again,contracts vary from place to place.
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    You probably got a raise for the one day. Yoour next check should be @ $10.50. It has happened to me alot.