Who's Stupid Idea Was "Stops Per Car"?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by big_arrow_up, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Overpaid Union Thug

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    So, we've had the stops per car metric for a little while now but its really getting out of hand. I was wondering exactly who it was that came up with the idea. They should be given an award for worst idea EVER! If they insist that we continue to have centers with two thirds of their drivers over 9.5 AND 10.5 then they should at least set forth realistic goals per center. Its idiotic to think that a center with 40 routes (10 of which are rural routes that average less than 90 stops) can satisfy a goal of 133 stops per car without cutting too many routes and having excessive over 9.5s. Who is responsible for this? Were they ever a driver? Did they just get a little crazy when they learned how to use a spreadsheet? What college taught them this nonsense? I'm just curious.
  2. brownmonster

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    I went out with 68 stops a week ago Monday and 137 today so apparently it's a very scientific calculation.
  3. bigblu 2 you

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    in our center we call it the dog and pony show,,,,,numbers rule this company,yes numbers my friend.
  4. toonertoo

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    It is a private college they are all shuffled through, right after the lobotomy, and soul removal.
  5. Monkey Butt

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    It was my idea although I am a bit foggy about it. I remember an operation to my head and this red man with horns .... it's all a bit foggy. Well, I'll be shuffling along.
  6. talkwith

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    Our SPC went up by 11 with no explanation shortly after the economy tanked. We've been suffering ever since. The rural routes go out with the same stop count that they've always had so everyone else has to absorb the stops.
  7. scratch

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    They have been loading me up with more stops too. It takes me longer, so I make a lot more overtime. I'm starting to really hate Comcast now, we have been loaded up with new cable tv boxes the last couple of months.
  8. probellringer

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    everything is done backwards at the new ups---everything but drive the truck backwards.....hey----nah,,,it'll never happen
  9. DS

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    Even here! But it's amazon.com pkgs...easy DR's but an extra 15-20 is at LEAST an hours work!
  10. satellitedriver

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    I confess,
    it was my idea.
    I wanted 3+hrs of overtime everyday with missed stops.
    Sorry, I had no idea the concept would go nationwide.

  11. over9five

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    Fixed it for ya, Sat!
  12. JustTired

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    I believe it was IE......who after crunching the numbers, found that FedEx stock was a better investment. So they sold all of their UPS stock and bought FedEx. Now, to expedite returns on their investment, they are tanking the company. Just an opinion but stranger things.................jk (I hope)
  13. trplnkl

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    We have operated with the SPC method for several years, with the same results the rest of y'all are experiencing. Everyday the distpatch sup gets a call from IE to tell them what the SPC will be that day. As long as the average SPC is upheld the number of rtes put in are unimportant. Ever since that started drivers have averaged around 11 hour days.
  14. The Blackadder

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    I think it is a great idea nothing is better then having customers who one day get their delivers at 10 am when it is on one driver and then 430 when it is on another driver.

    The customers also love this its almost like a game for them what time will the UPS guy get here.

    We care about doiing pick ups in a 15 minute window but we dont give a flying duck about delivering in any kind of window. Care to guess which one most customers care more about.

    I also love when my biz heavy load gets a house call spilt and they add it to my 1000 section so I will get to my biz stops even later.
  15. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    That 15 minute p/u window irritates the hell outta me for exactly that reason. Not one customer cares if you're outside of that foolish window, which tells me the window is a fools idea.
  16. iruhnman630

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    C'mon man! It's your job as a driver to know when to not follow trace even when trace is considered the most efficient route possible which you as a driver are supposed to follow within 90% accuracy.

    PAS is awesome, EDD knows all, except when he is wrong.
  17. scratch

    scratch Least Best Moderator Staff Member

    Well put, I wish whoever makes these stupid decisions would try to think like our customers for a change. I have small businesses waiting on parts so they can take care of their customers, they hate my start times being moved back later and later. We need to service our customers and take care of them, its impossible to get good sales leads with the way operations are run today.
  18. hellfire

    hellfire no one considers UPS people."real" Teamsters.-BUG

    im glad to see this stupidity is not just in my center ,,, i am high senority and i really dont have a route anymore,, every day its diff,, im a swing driver again,, i have no idea what business i will have or when i will deliver it,, and you know what? im starting not to care anymore
  19. wornoutupser

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  20. browniehound

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    If I were the center manager in a real business in which my performance was not based on specific numbers, I would run the center a different way. I understand the number goals come down from corporate and in general if the numbers are met the center will be profitable. The problem is the center manager 'finagles all these bagles' to make his number look good in the process of wasting fuel and labor.

    If the center was my business I would go with a dispatch plan and stick with it. Once you start screwing with it money gets thrown out the window. Drivers driving and meeting to swap work is the least efficent element a driver can perform in a day.

    They are so hell-bent on idle time yet will allow a driver to drive 5 miles to to swap 15 stops from another driver wasting his time also(I can deliver 10 stops in the time it takes to swap the work. It doesn't matter who delivers the packages it all costs the same so why send another driver to take work and waste the fuel?

    Get the dispatch right and let the drivers deliver their work. I believe this is the most efficient way to get it done. Why mess with it?

    You had a guy at 9 and one at 10, why put them both over 10?