why did the debate on health care move?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by beatupbrown, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. beatupbrown

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    Hi cheryl I was wondering why you moved Clinton unveils mandatory health care insurance plan ?:confused:1
  2. brett636

    brett636 Well-Known Member

    I imagine because it wasn't in the right forum.
  3. beatupbrown

    beatupbrown Member

    Ok good enough I thought that UPS has slashed health care for retirees.
    I also thought that they made management pay for more of the health care cost.
  4. scratch

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    Brett is correct. The Clinton Plan has nothing to do with UPS Discussions. The Aetna thread is still here because Aetna is one of the Health Insurance Plans that UPS employees use, so it is UPS related. The Clinton Plan is a political topic, so it goes into Current Events. The Moderator that moved it left a note in the UPS Discussions Forum so everyone could still find it. If a new thread is in the wrong forum and getting a lot of replies, we will leave it there a few days and then move it where it should go.
  5. ups_vette

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    I'am a retiree and UPS hasn't slashed my health care. I recently had minor surgery (gall blatter removed). The total cost for the operation was a little over $4,000 and my cost was less than $150. So, I don't see where my health care was slashed.
  6. beatupbrown

    beatupbrown Member

    yes I agree this should be moved to current events,Cheryl does a awesome job with this site.:wink: