Why do you guys always say it takes a year for benefits?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by matty_lawn, Oct 12, 2016.

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    I spoke to my steward today and according to our regional contract we are eligible for benefits after 400 hours. Am I missing something? Are the benefits different or not as good for the first year?

    Only reason I ask is because I have seen countless times that we need a year for benefits. Im on pace for benefits after 4 and a half months part time.

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    I'm not sure about part time benefits, but I know the New England supplement is better. Just call your local to confirm how many hours are needed, or wait for your insurance package to show up in the mail.
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    That's how it is for me. Article 34 of the master contract says one year.
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    I say start the Teamcare!
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    Different areas have different rules. Learn your regional supplement
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    You get Obama care from day one.
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    Both rules might apply in your area. One year to accrue eligibility in your first year (18 months for spouse here in my area) and then some kind of hours total for additional years. The 400 hours, to me, sounds like it might be a pension requirement though, maybe. Here, it's 40 hours monthly, every month, to qualify for health benefits. As others have said, you'd need to verify this in your area supplement.
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    Yeah it's 400 hours, or roughly 4 months.