Why Does UPS Exist?

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    Why does UPS exist?

    Obviously UPS cannot exist without share owners, employees and customers. The question is not how does UPS exist or what makes it work or who is more important.

    Why does UPS or any other business exist? What is the purpose?

    a) to serve the needs and desires of it's customers
    b) to serve the needs and desires of it's employees (hourly and management)
    c) to serve the needs and desires of the owners or share owners
    d) something else
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    To make money and don't ever forget it.
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    To provide health care
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    Any list that does not include this as an option is incomplete ... this is the only reason any business in a free market economy exists.
    The others are of secondary importance.
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    407 and Hoax are right. This was a trick question back a class I was in for Walmart got back in the 1980's. I'll never forget it. EVERYONE said: "service; product; choices; etc." One guy said "Profit". It all clicked after that for me. Now, the question is....How do you turn a profit..........I'll let the Deans of BC answer that question..:peaceful:
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    So then everybody agrees...profit is not a dirty word.
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    So then it really isn't safety first after all???
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    You can't discriminate like that. Sustainability is always #1 with a business (gotta make the Payroll); everything else is after. "Context"
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    Check out the concept of a balanced scorecard.

    Looks like you had 3 of the 4 right. You needed to include focusing on increasing internal efficiency as well.

    However, a company exists to make money above all else and each item is a means to that.
    -Serving the needs of customers leads to (theoretically) more customers which results in more sales of whatever it is you are selling.(In UPS's case, service)
    -Serving the needs of employees allows you to recruit and retain good employees. Despite what UPS upper management seems to think, YOU HAVE TO HAVE GOOD EMPLOYEES to be successful long term. GOOD EMPLOYEES are where innovation and good ideas come from. Innovation is what sets you apart and ahead from competition.
    -Serving the needs of owners is a requirement because otherwise the owner of the capital takes their money and goes elsewhere. In the case of the stock market and being public, the stock price would plummet and someone would buy enough shares for a take over, change the BOD, and then change the management committee.
    -Improving internal processes helps to save money and make you more efficient. You have to focus on this since everyone else is also doing the same.

    To ignore any of these factors is to set yourself up for failure long term. You can crap all over customers by suddenly lowering quality while charging the same price (which would give BIG PROFITS) but you wont have customers much longer. You can crap all over employees by lowering their wage and treating them like crap to make your short term profits higher (sound familiar? ) but you wont have good employees for long and then when it comes time to innovate and implement you'll only have morons which will lead to a quick downward spiral of your company. You can also crap all over stock holders, but sooner or later a hostile takeover will happen or the BOD will get replaced with someone that WILL take care of stock holders.

    This is all taught in every business school in the nation. I've no idea why UPS upper management has decided to ignore this and treat its employees badly, the company is already seeing the brightest of its workers leave to go help other businesses.
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    Maybe they didn't go to business school. There are two concepts to keep in mind and they are the school world and the world of reality. I used to see it daily out on the route.

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    Change usualy only takes place when things go very bad. I would expect to see the current trend continue for longer and hopefully see it correct itself or the company will collapse. I fear that the leaders of UPS are to arrogant to change the current trend(Im not talking about the little guys). In this case I hope everyone is not just living day to day but has a rainy day fund.
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    this happened to me in high school actually

    the teacher asked "why do people start businesses? what drives them to want to start a business?"

    right away MONEY popped into my head

    all these idiots raised there hand saying to provide a service to the community and all this other horse **

    i was the worst studnet in the class and was the only one who could figure out that ** question
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    Do you talk like that to your Mother?
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    The logo may say UPS but the mindset is still Overnite.
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    shut up you hippy
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    Thanks for making my point for me.
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    go hug a tree
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    Profit can not be a reason , profit has to be the reason. Once you have profit you can then drive all the other items discussed here.
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    So the ladies can see us in our shorts it drives them wild.