why have i been waiting 8 months for an arbitration

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    I have been an employee at ups for over 15 years, I have never had a problem and always loved my job , up until last year that .
    A new building manager was appointed to the cerritos hub mid year , I had heard rumers that he was there to clean house. I didnt pay to much attention to this as I am a hard worker and an honest empoyee , so what should I have to watch my back for ??
    What I didnt count on was this guy just takeing an immediate dislikeing to me, I`m a well liked person and try my best to be respectful and polite to everyone, what i didnt realise was that it was not me , it was the tattoos I have on my arms . I was told I had to wear long sleeve shirts and must cover them at all times, I wasnt even alowed to order my own uniforms long sleeve shirts were ordered for me. Now I could understand if i had a naked women or vulgarities on my skin that could be offensive, but I have nothing like that at all , its mostly asian , a few cherry blossoms and some koi fish.
    This guy was watching everything I did, he would call my center manager to see if I was late punching in , he would check my time everyday and even wrote me up for being 1 minute early takeing my lunch.
    I was makeing my first bulk stop of the morning and dislocated my shoulder lifting an oversize package onto the dock, it was in agony , I called the center around 9 30 am and explained my situation to them and was told to wait for a supervisor to arrive . after what seemed like an eternity i was met by an on road sup. I was a little confused as to how he expected me to drive one of the trucks back to the hub , but he explained how I would actually be spending the rest of the day sitting in the jump seat navigating for him.
    We returned to the hub around 8.00 pm , that is one of the worst days of my life , I felt sick to my stomach, I had hot chills and was running a fever,
    I called in the injury and was told to take off the rest of the week if I wished (rather than go to the clinic ) It was late and i just wanted to get home to see the wife and kids, the thought of a 4 day weekend was very appealing , I had been trying to get a couple of days off for over a month with no luck so thats what i did .
    I reported for work 8.30 monday morning feeling ok but I could tell there was something seriusly wrong with my shoulder . I informed my center manager of this and requested a visit to the clinic but he explained how they were very short staffed and if there would be any way I could possibly hold off a couple of days as the staffing should be better towards the middle of the week. Reluctently I agreed to work the Monday but i wasnt sure if I could make it through to Wed and I would play it by ear.
    The day went quite well and i got a little help from my center team. On the way into the building i saw a taco truck parked and decided to eat, I called my center team to ask if anyone was hungry and ended up buying a dozen or so tacos for the dispatch and a few sup`s.
    After I
    CLOCKED OUT for the evening I went into the center office to B S and eat a few tacos , I never imagened how a kind guesture could turn around and bite me so hard, i got some grissle out of the taco stck in my throat , not only was I choking but it was hot as hell, I couldnt breath or ask for help all i could do was point at my throat and wonder why no one was doing anything to help me, I could feel myself starting to pass out and was in full panic mode.
    luckily for me one of my customers had given me a gift basket that day which included some cheese,crackers varius chips and some bottles of imported beer.
    I grabbed one of the beers from the basket and took 2 or 3 huge gulps, dislodgeing the taco from my throat. Forgetting about the pain in my arm and feeling lucky to be alive I went home.
    As I was walking towards the time clock tuesday morning around 8.15 I could see the building manager standing by the time clock with a big smile on his face , looking remarkably like the cheshire cat from alice in wonderland. He still had that grin on his face the whole time that I was at my fitness for duty test and also while he terminated my employment for drinking alcahol on company property. I dont know for a fact , but I bet he had a smile on his face when he canceled my health insurance knowing I have 3 children 1 with a heart condition. my insurance ran out 2 days later .
    I tried for 3 weeks to get a hold of someone at UPS to take care of my shoulder injury in the end I gave up and hired lawyer .
    I have been off work for 8 months now , I have had a major operation on my shoulder and am looking at at least 3 more months of theropy before I will be able to see what use of my arm i will get back. my house is going to for close any day I am eating vicadine like m @ m`s I ` ll be lucky if my family pulls through this one together , my poor wife is going through hell Thank God my children have not been sick and my daughter has not had any problems with her heart , The union has told me dont call us w`ell call you , they are sick of me calling everyday to find out whats going on . How long should this B S take , I just want an answer so I can get on with the rest of my life, 8 months , months waiting for an arbitration where they will probably can me anyway . Then what? , Ive worked for UPS since i was 18 they have ruined my shoulder and seem to want to ruin my life.
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    Sorry to hear about your run of bad luck. What exactly where you fired for? An arbitration can be a dragged out event upwards of worst case 2 2and a half years brother. Alot of times the company knows they cant win their make a plea to give you your job back without back pay and benefits for the time you were off. Is ups and liberty mutual(workers comp) paying you and for your injury?
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    705 here is a link about this

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    I can't belive the sup's that you were hanging out with (off the clock) and had bought tacos for would turn you in for drinking beer and not stand up in your defense...... oh, wait, that's right, it's UPS. Now I belive it. I do feel bad for you, and I hope you have a good lawyer. I wish you had a better union also, 8 months is just unacceptable.