why is everybody worried about UPS Freight taking jobs away

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by sothpaw, Sep 13, 2006.

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    I think everybody is jumping the gun, when fed-ex frieght was established did they take away from their package drivers, no I do not think so. I believe they became more competive when they made that move and here where I am at their is probaly is 4 to 1 ratio for Fed-EX drivers compared to UPS Freight drivers. I try to talk to all UPS drivers and a couple of package drivers have blown me off. We can make it work if we stick together!!
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    that's the key if we just stick together, we need a union of just UPS people (APWA) and we need to stick together and make it strong keep it running as it should and not fall into the corrution and power fantasies as is the case with the current bargaining agent
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    UPSF is a completely different operation than UPS. I do not think there will be a problem with UPSF taking freight or jobs away from UPS.

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    Several years ago conway freight (cf) which was union , bought ccx freight non union closed down cf freight on labor day and started running all the work through ccx.All the cf members where out of work, thats just 1 reason my friend.
  5. Went to make a pick-up they filled my trailer about 75%, and there were still more pallets of our individually labeled pkgs. so I asked what about these they said someone else was coming for those. Just then an Over-nite driver shows up and they start loading his trailer with them. No different then having Yellow drivers show use their trailers full of our volume. Corporate UPS likes to call it Drop shipping, they give the customers a huge cut in their shipping rates if they build state specific loads and have some other company pull them to our hubs. Kind of like them trying a delivery option that had us deliver several pkgs to the post offices so they could deliver them to the houses. I think it is more like we are afraid UPS will abuse the situation having UPS freight pick-up and run pkgs destined to be delivered by pkg. car taking feeder work / jobs away from us.

    Try not to take it personal.
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    so you would have rather Yellow pick those packages up rather than UPS Freight
  7. Its Rumors like this that start S--T rolling down hill, Your wrong, your hiding behind a screen, remember UPSF-Heavy Freight Div. is totally seperate than UPS- Parcel ,Package Div. GUYS use some Common sense I know you have some somewhere, Don't be one of those Stupid Truck Drivers we all talk about.

  8. I could'nt agree more, your hit that Nail right on the Head.:thumbup1:

  9. The probelm is sticking together, we do all have to be on the same Page, as to what we want to acheive, I'm with you.:thumbup1:
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    Yep, they have more to worry about from the rail than us.

    Man, look at all those trailers on the rail. I think they bumped JB Hunt for top dog on the rail.
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    You need to get your history straight.

    Over Twenty years ago the CF Corp started the non division units of Conway services thru out the US with the intentions of breaking the union company of CF. They did not buy ccx.
    Also CCX did not pick up all of CF's work becuase it was "run through" ccx. CF accounts where picked up by every willing carrier through out the country that was availble to move the freight. There is no way CCX could handle even 10% of what CF had when it was closed.

    Double breasting laws passed required CF Corp to seperate Conway companies from CF in the late 80's.

    Freight normally serviced by CF was shifted to Conway companies which paid lower wages, lower bennies and at the time no pensions.
    This was freight that was service by hard working Teamsters loyal to CF and thier customers

    It was a twenty year process that eventaully rid the CF corp of the Teamsters.

    It's a perfect example of how big business takes from the workforce in the name of profits and the share holders.
  12. STLFeeder

    STLFeeder Need LS7 powered PKG car

    We seem to have a UPS freight truck bringing in our equipment once a week for some reason...
  13. Teamster251

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    What equiptment?

    Like supplies and parts that would have normally arrived by another LTL carrier like ConWay, Roadway, USF, etc?

    As a former Teamster feight guy I've delivered to many UPS hubs in RI and Mass. Most UPS deliveries were collect shipments, meaning UPS paid the freight charges. This means UPS gets to pick the carrier taht offer the best service and discount. Why would UPS pay another carrier when it can pay itself (in the long run)

    I hate to see union carriers lose the business but Overnite/UPS Freight will be union soon enough.
  14. BrownTurd

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    Hello everyone,
    I heard that UPS freight will be handling our 75lb and over in the future, but that was just hear-say. I work in TSG and we all see the direction UPS is headed, TSG will be lucky to survive 1 more year.

    This reminds me when I worked for Conway Express (Non-Union), The mother company was Consolidated Freightways (Union), which was right next door, we seen how we started getting their business untill they closed down, yet we were under the same umbrella.

    Could this be something along the same lines???

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    STLFeeder, are they empty trailers such as FSTZ, TIPZ, or other leased / converted rail trailers? They were doing this last year here, UPS Freight emptied the trailers then rather then return them to the rail yard they were bringing them to one of the UPS Hubs. One of the feeder drivers talked to the manager a few times then after that it stopped.
  16. STLFeeder

    STLFeeder Need LS7 powered PKG car

    No they have been bringing in our trailers. The one that came in the other day was empty. It supposedly got loaded by mistake in Cali with freight coming to STL, and they sent it through and brought it back to us when it was unloaded. The others have been coming in on Fri. morning. I am not around when they have been coming in, si I am not sure whether they were empties or loads.