Why is ups never mentioned

JL 0513

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I think about 99% of the public have no idea how much we (drivers) are compensated. If you told them we make nearly $35/hr with lots of overtime plus health insurance and pension they're shocked.

Part of me wishes it was common knowledge simply for the reason of getting the respect that comes from such things, not that it's that important. Customers just treat you as the guy handing over a cardboard box with no realization of what we get done each day and as a result making much more than them.


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Not all people. I've had many customers say you make good money. $20 bucks an hour I just shake my head yes.
Had couple guys making conversation with me one day while I was unloading their boxes. One told the other guy he had heard we made $20 an hour. Other guy couldn't believe it asked me if it were true. I told them I wouldn't even get out of bed for $20 an hour.


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I won't lie to people of they ask but I always ask them if they are sure they really want to know what I make. So one Friday a early 20-something kid was talking smack on me in front of his buddies/coworkers to try and embarrass me and get laughs out of his buddies. He says stuff about I couldn't' do anything else so I got stuck doing a crappy job like driving a truck around. Then he asked, "What do you make? Like $14-15/hour?!?!" So I said, "do you REALLY want to know and think twice before you answer?" He quickly said yes. So i pulled out my paycheck and let him take a look. He says, "well yeah, but that's for two weeks." I shook my head at him and said, "uhhhh, no." Now shocked he says, "That's ONE WEEK?!!?:eek:" Then I made sure to point out to him that it was the end of June and look at my YTD and to double that since it was half way through the year. I think I was set to make $85k that year. He's never talked smack on me again.

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When some punk says I want your job, I reply " You want to work 12 years part time to get it. " (after which you go to your full time job)

I didn't think so.