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    Greetings to all UPS employees. I have some concerns with my department (Revenue Recovery) I have been working on the box line for about 4 years and I have had about 6 partners all whom were excellent worker(s) and great relationship(s) with them all. Recently my supervisors replaced yet another of my partner(s) with a kid with a whole lot of baggage:knockedout:. The supervisor(s) seem to not like him and ditto with the new guy. This sucks because I feel the tension between the 2 and that tension is a direct reflection of our revenue recovery within these past weeks:angry:. I am :censored2: because the box line is a 2 person operation and it's feeling like a solo venture. My supervisor(s) have told me that this switching of the employees is only temporary; but I know better and I feel that there motives behind this is to use me as a rat to get this person fired.
    well thank you for allowing me to vent guy(s) Happy Holidays:wink2:
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    It`s not your job to "rat" on this person but if you legitimately feel they could be a danger (mentally unstable?) to yourself or your co-workers then you should bring it to the attention of the appropriate people.