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  1. miamisouth

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    I am a 5 year UPS preloader

    This past week a 3 year preloader suddenly forgot how to load package cars. At least that is what he told management after he got moved from the set of trucks he was loading. He was moved because he couldnt keep his mouth shut and missed too many packages. My part-time sup decided to put him next to me and now I gotta deal with his mouth and his missed packages. The packages he doesnt miss he stacks out behind his cars. He told me he was going to start working even slower because he was :censored2: they moved him. The part-time sup is now on this guy like flies on you know what. Everyone on the belt just hates the guy. I asked my sup the following: How does this guy get to keep his job with all of the trouble he is causing? His answer was verbatim
    1) We terminate him
    2) He files a grievance
    3) He keeps his job
    Over and Over and Over Again
    WHY WHY WHY is this allowed.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    If I were his PT sup I would have him unloading feeders.
  3. over9five

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    Your sup doesn't know what he's doing. He could fire him if he does everything right. Peak's here, that's why he doesn't get fired.
  4. Jones

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    Because your sup (and his boss) are not really trying to get rid of him. A worker who is essentially refusing to do his job is not that hard to terminate. Don't blame the union, they didn't hire him or qualify him.
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    He misses them you put under belt at your area, end of comes you wrap up on your way out tell him "hey you gotta a lotta missed stuff down there at the end" maybe the next day he will pull more.
  6. miamisouth

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    LOL. Thats prob the case. Another reason I titled my post the way I did is because one of our union stewards actually backs this guy. Hes been coming and checking on him daily to see If he is getting "harassed" by supervisors. Rumor also has it that this same steward told this guy to stack out on purpose(another belt employee heard conversation in restroom) . Thanks for the replies fellas.
  7. konsole

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    Until the part timers are treated as part of the company rather just some people that get hired off the street to handle some boxes, then you can't really blame some people for giving up and not caring. It sucks to have to deal with these people and they should just quit if they dislike it that much but unfortunately its part of the atmosphere created by the company. Until the company stops having 3 different start times a week and only 5-10 minutes apart, until they stop forcing people off the clock before the work is done, until they put an ultimatum on supervisors working, until the wage starts at something higher then $8.50 for an early morning physical job, there are always going to be too many employees who just couldnt give a damn about their work and how it affects everyone around them. As early as a few years ago the supervisors use to let employees finish their work before they punched out, we had things like barbeques and even sports teams, the start times were a bit more realistic with the quantity of work, the management was much more willing to provide longer or more breaks when we started earlier, we frequently received things like t-shirts and water bottles, and we even had the occasional questionnaire about how we felt about the company. Now all the things that helped make a friendly atmosphere are gone. The booklets we have to fill out everyday and the monotonous DOK questions we have to answer every week arent that big of a deal but they certainly dont help.
  8. bumped

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    I'd just miss his boxes also.
  9. Returntosender

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    As long you and your coworkers are mad at him. All of Union employees focus is on him, and not on management making stupid decisions. Management likes him because he provides a distraction with the operation.
  10. Billy

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    I agree with you konsole. This is company wide now days...and sad. UPS was once a place one would actually enjoy working. Seems they, like the oil companies, got greedy. Now all they care about is production. I think it's funny that they have everyone over their safe limit of daily stops. A time standard that doesn't allow for a red light to catch you. Discipline for every petty thing known to man Daily corporate horse on safety telling us how we must be doing it wrong if we get hurt or in a wreck. Then have the balls to say "Get a sales lead"