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  1. I'm confused,if the teamsters are not after the Freight/OVNT Pension, as they claim, and UPS freight/ OVNT employees beat off the union every time before. ?Why are they coming at us again, we have'nt ask them, why are'nt they going after the others with such persistance. Every driver I speak with says we are at the top, of the pay scale, as with the other freight companys, and we will not gain anything,if we changed to union. And every UPS driver we ask about joining ,tells us , Never join the IBT, because there stealing us blind and we want out of the union, So again as earlier, I'm confused.
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    Organized labor is a thing of the past. Teamsters Union is losing members and income to fund the pensions of the top labor leaders. Any major industry or company is bait just waiting for the union to brow beat their employees into joining.
  3. Wow! Everyone I Talk to wants to join the union! Well not everyone, lets be real, but a clear majority I have spoke with, will join when the Indy contract is finished. For most of us it is not about the money or the pension. It is about work rules and job protection. If you have not heard, The UPS Corp. is very tough on there employees. If you don't want to join, then don't, but enough of the everyone nonsense.
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    What if the Pension is frozen, and we start over in the Teamster pension? If they took your pension, it would not make any difference either way. Overnite is only a small percentage compared to the companies represented by the teamsters. I would say it would be under 10%.

    As far as "we havent asked them", it's totally different in my neck of the woods. As soon as UPS took over they took all of our delay and cut our runs, and what runs we had left the mileage was cut. There is plenty of support over here. Now they are running more contractors, and Extraboard/wild drivers are sitting at home. Management is not going by the rules, and playing favorite's is the norm. Trucks that are assigned are being used by other terminals as loaners and are not being seen for months at a time. Did I mention that the health care went up, about $150 more a month in my case, (more than I was paying before UPS showed up here)

    We will not gain anything? Some of us are looking a little further than just pay, eg... Work rules, seniority, benefits. Have you looked at the Master Freight agreement? You should see what they get paid for, just about everything. All you have to do is put your delay or work time on your log and you don't have to get signatures or sweet talk dispatchers just to get what is owed to you. Maybe you are local, you might not understand this or might not be able to relate. Also, if a certain unionized freight company gets acquired by UPS like is being predicted, you won't want to be unrepresented. Does the word endtail mean anything to you?

    Again, here it is totally different, I have never heard a Parcel employee that I've talked to face to face, say not to join the IBT. They have shown their support or didn't have an opinion. I wouldn't call being one of the, if not the best paid workers in the transportation industry, being stolen blind from.

    If you are confused, educate yourself on the issue, no disrespect intended.
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    Yeah, we are all a bunch of sheep in this world, just have someone different to follow around. You included.
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    We your fellow ups brothers and sisters have seen what big brown will do to you if they dont like you. Right now you are an at- will- employee and can be terminated for almost any reason, once you have a cba then you become a just cause employee and it bevomes alot harder to discipline you. We at ups are concerned about our work being diverted to freight to be delivered, its already happening across the country. I have heard from talking to ups freight workers while out doing house calls on the weekend to hear their concerns, one of them is the contractors pulling their loads while they get sent home, unfair treatment, and all the other nonsense games ups attempts to play with us. Look you have the choice when/ if you would like to become a fellow ups teamster. Its up to you, and remember ups will not treat you this good forever, once that voite is over you will see big browns true colors, and i only hope for your sake you make the right choice.