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On Friday, the night shift vol was 42.5K, and all the unloaders were talking about getting out at 1230 (we started at 1045). and since there was only 17 unloaders, they would have to blow the trucks out to be done in 1 h 45m he he. My question, why do unloaders enjoy blowing trucks out? they ended up killing the building for 20 mins b/c PD 2 was messed up so badly...all the belts were jammed and were over weight so belts wouldnt move. And then when they all leave they bitch about not getting out sooner...and it happens all the time the vol is low (not always the same belt but same result). Do they just not see the trend or are the just hopeful the building wont shut down?
It's not that the unload is trying to kill ya on the belts. It is just that if they do not hit there process rate, then they won't make there number. It all goes into a big number that deals with AM time and wrap time. So if the unload doesn't get done a.s.a.p. then you won't make the number. I know it doesn't seem right, but it's all about production.


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Well alot of them have second jobs or dont have bills so they have the job for benes or to one day be a driver so they dont need the money. So to them it's like working 2 hours a day for benes and advancement cant beat it.

Then there are those of us who need the money; like me. When I first started I had no bills so I was always leaving early so I could get home and do whatever. Now I have bills and I told my supes so they always get me over 4 hours everyday.