Will promotions return for 2010?

Discussion in 'UPS Information Technology' started by randomUPSISer, Mar 14, 2010.

  1. randomUPSISer

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    We are only a couple of weeks away from April now. We know raises are coming back for 2010 already. Anyone care to speculate on if title changes (promotions) will return for I.S.'ers?
  2. whiskeyagogo

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    No, there are no in place 'promotions'. If you want to change job titles, you'll need to apply for and get a new job within UPS. The idea is that departments are correctly staffed as they are. If you create new titles/levels within the department you are basically going to unbalance them.
  3. randomUPSISer

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    I meant more "Intermediate BA" to "Senior BA", or "Programmer" to "Senior Programmer", or "Intermediate DBA" to "Senior DBA". If UPS requires job changes for that, they will be lacking many individuals in the coming years as these are normal raises.
  4. Scuba_Steve

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    HAHAHA! When you see THIS outside your window...then you will know that there will be promotions coming soon.

    Heck, there have only been just a couple of promotions in the last DECADE for anyone not on the mgmt track in Louisville.

    It's obvious at this point UPS does not care about their technical career staff, and does not recognize any value of anyone unless they express the desire to read training power points from HR in monotone voices and learn how to say yes sir, yes sir, yes sir.

    You could be a brilliant brain surgeon at UPS, find a cure for cancer, and patent a drug worth 1-trillion dollars and you would never make it past level 14 into the old boys club.

    There might have been a few 2UIC promotions done in NJ in the last few years, but as far as I can tell, NJ is now in the same boat that Louisville has been in since the 90's. ZERO promotions past level 14 from now until IT is all outsourced.

    The message is clear, it you ever want a promotion and ever want a chance for increased salary, or a title beyond intermediate, jr. or something similar..your going to have to leave and go find a company that actually appreciates technical talent, and not somewhere who only rewards the army of yes-men.
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  5. whiskeyagogo

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    Oh, I understood. I know of several departments that have been denying these kind of job title/raises for about three years. Sadly I was speaking from experience and not conjecture.

    What they have been saying - the department doesn't have a 'senior' DBA now and functions fine with an 'Intermediate'. Unless a whole heap of new work has been added that now requires a 'senior', there will be no change. Anyone not liking it has been told to find their 'senior' level elsewhere.

    As for people leaving because these promotions aren't forthcoming - that's the idea. Remember the quote from our CEO - "UPS will emerge leaner" from the economic troubles. This is just one more way to get leaner.
  6. Yourteamsux

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    R U kidding?????????? They are still sopping up the blood and adding more since August... I can't see any chance of promotions happening anytime soon......
  7. BrownShipper

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    I certainly hope they do. I would like to think that knowledgeable and hard-working individuals that truly are performing at the next level or beyond will get compensated. I understand that the 1 to 2 unit jump is virtually non-existent now. However, I cannot believe that 1 unit promotions will be done away with (i.e. programmer to senior programmer). If that's the case, how does the company develop the next wave of management? So far in my UPS career, I have heard a lot of skepticism. I have always ignored it. Only time will tell. If there are no 1-unit promotions at all this year, that is a very bad sign.
  8. ismahchyk

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    REALITY CHECK HERE!!! Hello! If some people are doing the work of 4 and others are getting away with murder what makes one think that management would finally do the right thing? There is only ONE thing on the table right now -COST CUTTING....

    Be one with it - won't get disappointed that way.
  9. BrownShipper

    BrownShipper New Member

    Well I guess we'll know soon. I am not too concerned though. If they decide that management development is not a priority, I will find a place elsewhere. I am confident in my abilities. I am not the type to "Be one with it".
  10. ismahchyk

    ismahchyk New Member

    I'm saying "Be one w/ it" so that people could *start* feeling confident in their abilities and to *stop* waiting to be their next victim. BTW I *always* kept an updated resume (on a 6 month cycle) even in a peaceful job. One never knows when it would be needed. Ask the laid off last summer.............. Took me 2 months to get a few of them out of shock so they could get a paper together.
  11. whiskeyagogo

    whiskeyagogo Member

    That is exactly the idea. You will be helping fulfill the CEO's promise of a leaner UPS.
  12. randomUPSISer

    randomUPSISer New Member

    ...and technically everyone will be the happier for it since you'll likely get a pay raise at the same time :happy2:
  13. Brown Frown

    Brown Frown New Member

    The promotions you are referring to are called in-band promotions. We've been told that there are no in-band promotions this year. Sorry.
  14. randomUPSISer

    randomUPSISer New Member

    Say good bye to anyone not maxed out at SPA/SDBA/SBA and goodbye to anyone under 30yrs old in IT :peaceful:
  15. AirTechSpec

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    My feeling is that there's a race on to build/skill up the BA/QA/Testing groups before the mass developer exodus begins (when the economy improves). If everything works out according to Mr. Davis' plan, Global Development will pick up the slack for increased attrition.

    However, the BA learning curve may be steeper than it needs to be for success, and UPS may have to bring in development consultants to analyze code and teach BAs how it functions. BAs are generally under the misaprehension that Business Matter Experts know the detail of how the business works and can intelligently describe it, but for years the BMEs have depended on developers to do the heavy-lifting of analysis and "getting it right". This circular dependency is likely to cause some pain for ALM and Global Development.
  16. tieguy

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    The staff you have in place is locked in for three years. no promotions to that level unless there is some serious growth.
  17. ismahchyk

    ismahchyk New Member

    Promotions??? Nothing happening there. Word has it that OSS in Mahwah all got pkgs on Friday - totally dismantled...........

    Happy Easter..........
  18. whiskeyagogo

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    Is OSS what used to be called 'Distributed Systems' or is OSS something else?
  19. ismahchyk

    ismahchyk New Member

    OSS = operations support.
  20. obama

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    Distributed Systems (DS) is now Open Systems Programming (OSP) ....