Winds of Change...

Discussion in 'UPS Information Technology' started by obama, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. obama

    obama Member

    ...are blowing in Mahwah. What do you think of today's announcements, and who's next? :hangin:
  2. Al Foretta

    Al Foretta New Member

    Hate to see MM go, he was the best of all of them and will be missed.

    Heard JK is going too. What will it take to make the real change needed in SS?

    And for the new guy, good luck to him...Like the rest of the new senior outside hires the over/under is 22 months. Where is Jack W???
    Question is how long will Seattle Slew stay now that he has a new boss on the east coast?
  3. air_upser

    air_upser New Member

    I'm changing the name of SS to "the collective". Anyone with a different opinion than the borg queen....aka effectively dismissed. You can't take a leak in Mahwah without a 30 minute conference call and manager approval.
  4. upscorpis

    upscorpis Member

    The manager formerly known as a managing director at Continental will not be returning.
  5. obama

    obama Member

    so let's try again with another outsider, eh? This time it's a so-called 'security expert'.

    If you can make it here (UPS) you can make it anywhere.

    Apparently the reverse is not true though. :groooansmileyf:
  6. outtathere

    outtathere New Member

    Chances are slim that anyone hired from the outside (that are worth anything) would ever last there. "Most" other companies treat their employees with respect, trust them and offer flexibility. These people are used to coming/going as they please, while getting the job done. They're adults. When treated like a child and after being spied on to see how many hours they're in the building, they're gone.
  7. obama

    obama Member

    on the same subject, what do you folks think of the recent OSP/CPM merger? And do you see more changes coming as a result of the merger?
  8. Dfigtree

    Dfigtree New Member

    <<You can't take a leak in Mahwah without a 30 minute conference call and manager approval.>> I didn't let my people take leaks at all. Period. Amen.
  9. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    Talk about guaranteed overtime. :tiesmiley:
  10. obama

    obama Member

    I took a leak 5 times on Friday. Must be old age.
  11. obama

    obama Member

    so the fancy tequila got what was coming to her.
  12. outtathere

    outtathere New Member

    Can you elaborate a bit on who the "fancy tequila" might be. I can think of a few depending on what level of management you are referring to.
  13. obama

    obama Member

    sorry---if you ever had a sip of "Patron" you would know who I meant.
  14. outtathere

    outtathere New Member

    Got it dude.
  15. obama

    obama Member

    my question is, when will the bloom come off the 'rose' ?
  16. outtathere

    outtathere New Member

    Don't know. Been wilting for quite sometime.