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    Well, some may remember the thread I made a few weeks back, that explained that I was interested in joining FedEx Express, and I had a few questions to ask about the opportunity. The community here on Brown Cafe, did a wonderful job helping me seek out the answers to the few questions I had. And, I really do appreciate it.

    As a review, in my first thread, and first post, I explained that I am 19 years of age currently living in Jacksonville Florida. I was seeking a job with FedEx Express as a Handler and I had a few questions. I also explained that I know someone who has been with FedEx for 28 years, and the job opportunity looked pretty good. That basically sums up my first thread very quickly.

    Also, I have been moderating the forums here on Brown Cafe daily, but not been able to post much as I really have no idea about most of the things most of use talk about here. Well, I guess I know what use are talking about, but dont really have enough education/experience on most subjects discussed here on the forums. Therefore, I am not going to post nonsense(Although, I do like to have fun now and again).

    Well, about 2 weeks after filling out the application, come the good news. I received a call today from FedEx Express. I spoke with the lady and had a short telephone "interview". After speaking with her for about five minutes, she informed me that she wants to set me up with an "on-site" interview. So, this Tuesday, at 6:45, I will be taking one of the biggest interviews of my life. One that can change my life completely. One that can lead me to a long-lasting career and start from a whole new begging.

    The funny part is, at the end of the brief interview, she asked me if I had any questions regarding the Handler Position for FedEx Express. I told her, "Not at this time, I have been researching the position over the last two weeks, so for the most part, I think I have it down." I have been following this forum so much for the past couple weeks, and going back to old threads, that would better help me understand the Hander Position, that I didn't really have any questions for her. And, I was always taught that that meant I wasn't as interested as I should be.

    Well, with all of that being said, I would like to say thanks to everyone and WISH ME LUCK. I will let everyone know how I made out !! :)

  2. klein

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    I wish you luck Dill !

    Just today I seen on the news that the State of Florida isn't pleased at all of losing another 3000 jobs when the skyshuttle returns, since jobless rates are already very high in that State.
    I hope you make it !
  3. Mr. 7

    Mr. 7 The monkey on the left.

    Take it easy there, Dillan.
    That interview is basically to confirm that you have a pulse. I have no doubt you'll get the job.
    Also, FDX isn't such a great place to be a handler but, I didn't wanna piss in your cheerios earlier, you'll find out soon enough.

    And yeah, this will be a whole new "begging" opportunity for you. :peaceful:
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  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You guys laugh but my son told me about a millionaire who decided he was going to dress like a bum and beg for change in NYC. He made $100K in his first year.
  6. vantexan

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    Once read about a guy in Chicago who did so well begging that he spent winters in Miami.
  7. Official Dill

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    lol, my bad. Next time, spell check will be implied.
  8. Mr. 7

    Mr. 7 The monkey on the left.

    That's no joke.
    My mom used to volunteer at a soup kitchen a couple days a month in a major E. coast city. She told me that one of the female homeless people told my mom how much money she had made that day pan-handling and it was more than I made in a week. Apparently, they pan-handle extra hard when there is some sort of big event in the city. I.e. big speech by someone or, something like that. Ever since I heard that, I don't give anybody anything, you did it to yourself is my motto.

    I think you all know that hookers and strippers from all over the country flock to whatever city the super bowl is being held every year.
  9. 59 Dano

    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    I used to be of the "you are either scamming me or a wino; no money for you" mind but have since drifted from it. I usually cross paths with them when leaving a major sporting event because they're on the main exit path where we all walk back to our cars. If they are winos, I relent because even if they brought it upon themselves and are just gonna booze the money away, the rest of their time is spent in a hell that I can't begin to imagine. Maybe my buck will put some food in his mouth. Maybe some booze. The former makes him a bit better off, the latter takes the edge off the rest.

    If it's a scammer, then he's put on a really good show. He gets a buck for being convincing.
  10. Official Dill

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    Well guys and gals, I have just gotten home from the "interview", and I got the job!! :)
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    Congrats... you are young, work hard, keep your options open, and utilize the tools FedEx gives you.
    Like tuition reimbursement, etc... Florida FedEx is very top heavy too many Managers down there wanting to live the good life..
    so getting into management is tough, but you can still do the Aspire program.

    Keep your eyes open, don't limit yourself to slinging boxes.
  12. Cactus

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    Welcome to hell! :funny:

    Just kidding, congrats on getting the job.

    STR8SHOOTER New Member

    Congrats on the new job! I also work for FedEx Express. They had me doing the offload for my 1st 6 months :dissapointed:. In that time I lost 50 pounds. It can get rough especially on the summer but at the end of the night whenever all the belts are turned off and the packages stop coming words cant explain how nice that is. I'll be honest with ya, Its not for everyone. They expect you to work HARD !!! At first I hated it and now....Well I still hate it but a little less than I did. :happy2:
  14. Official Dill

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    Yeah, was a really cool "interview". I am not sure why they call it an interview. Every experience I have ever had with an interview, is you sit down at a desk, and the person who is conducting is to run through a bunch of questions and you are to answer then to the best of your knowledge.

    This was totally different. I might have used the work "totally" a little too lightly.

    We didn't see inside of an office the entire time. When I first got there, they were having there daily pre-shift meeting. We sat in on that, and then straight to the back we went. We watched the different stations that they had and how they were performed. They explained that for the first three weeks, we will most likely be getting the worst job and thats putting the boxes, from the truck , onto the belt. Which, after about 30 minutes of it, I am sure gets very old. lol. So after watching everyone work and walking around the inside part of the building, we were about 30-40 minutes deep into the "interview", and next we headed to the plane.

    First off, I have never been on a plane before. EVER. Just standing next to the plane, was so exciting to me. Never really seen one up close. Then , he said "Lets go inside of the plane." And, we did. Was really cool.

    Really, what I am getting at is that usually at the end of an interview, you are told if they want to hire you, or they say they will give you a call when they make a decision. No, not FedEx, after going back into the Air Conditioned building, he said to me, "Do you want to work for FedEx?". Of course, I said, "Yes." And, that was it.

    I went back today, had to get a few papers. Afterwards, went to take a drug test. Tomorrow, I have to go to the Airport and get some finger prints done, then have to go to the Sheriff's office, and get some more finger prints done, then will start work on the 20th. :)

    I am really excited. Thanks so much everyone that has helped me throughout the hiring process. Really means a lot.

  15. bartmuley

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    Dude, what is your problem? As far as FDX not being a good place for a handler.....I've worked at both UPS and Fed Ex. When I was working at UPS I made 8.50 and hour. I was hired at Fed Ex right after I quit UPS....I started out at 11.87 an hour. The benefits for PTers are about the same. Insurance will run the guy about 15 bucks a week at Fed Ex. Union Dues (and I never saw any benefit for PTers from the Union, I never even saw a union rep when I worked at UPS) were I believe about 8 or 9 bucks a week. Of course that was after they reamed you for the first month or so until they got their initiation fee.

    It does seem like if you're willing to bust your ass for 8-9-10 bucks an hour at UPS for many years (I was told it was about a 7 year wait for a FT position in Indy) that the FT positions are better, but the guy has just said he's interested (at least for now) in a handler position. And really, having worked for both companies for a PT worker Fed Ex (at least here in Indy) is a lot better than UPS.

    So good luck OP, hopefully you get the position. Here in Indy you don't even have interviews, they just call you, tell you to come in and fill out a 10 year history, do a drug test and a background check and if you pass that, you're in.
  16. packageguy

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    Goodluck, hope it all works out.
  17. snackdad

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    Congratulations Dill, have fun, don't let management intimidate you, keep everything proper and politically correct and always tell the truth. I hope you can attain a courier position. I think it is the best job in the company because you are alone all day and able to control your routine and keep your customers happy. Did I mention don't let management intimidate you? Congrats and have a good weekend!!
  18. Official Dill

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    Thanks so much everyone. Really means a lot. Just having a little problem right now, because I have misplaced my diploma. Cant get a hold of my high school either.

    But, I am sure I will be able to get it all worked out.

    STR8SHOOTER New Member

    University high school