Woman Awarded 2.6M Suit Against FedEx

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    A speeding HD driver caused the 2008 accident and a court settlement was finally reached almost 5 years later
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  2. Mr Shifter

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    Nice they found FedEx partially responsible. Sad that :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: like this takes so long to finalize. Poor lady.
  3. LTFedExer

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    4 years and 3 months.......that's not that long for a civil lawsuit of that amount. It took my cousin's husband just over 6 years to settle (never did go to court).
  4. Monkey Butt

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    Unfortunately, it will most likely be several more years before she sees any money.
  5. Brokedownandbrown

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    How can Fed Ex be at fault? Castro was a independent contractor and did not work for Fed-Ex unless Castro was employed by Fred Ex.
  6. HomeDelivery

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    he was indirectly working for FredEx through the contractor...

    stay safe out there; it's not worth cutting corners just to maintain productivity or high SPORH

    thank goodness i'm on an hourly pay system now ~ have a good peak & i hope that amount was enough to cover those medical bills
  7. Disgruntled2

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  8. Mr. 7

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    Doubt it.
    That article doesn't say anything about the FDX rigs being the cause.
  9. Disgruntled2

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    Well, knowing how our legal system works, regardless if the Fedex driver was the cause or not, if the result was that it collided with another vehicle and caused death or damage, you can be assured that lawyers will be coming after Fedex for whatever it is worth. Bottom line, they don't need that kind of publicity!
  10. NonyaBiznes

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    Preventable ... following too closely.
  11. Mr. 7

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    Every accident is preventable.
  12. CJinx

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    Any lawyer will go after Fedex if they can; they're hoping that the company will consider the lawsuit a nuisance and settle it rather than fight it.
  13. Mr. 7

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    That's right. I am still waiting on my second class action nuisance settlement check.
    Heck, got something in the mail from X tonight and thought it was that pay day but, alas, just confirmation of my health care bennes.
    Some day...............
  14. overflowed

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    You too? I did the same thing. just benefits horsepoop. Man, thought I'd have the extra cash by now. Oh well. Better late than never.
  15. Mr. 7

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    My wife can't get over how often X gets sued by it's own employees. I just say that if X weren't breaking any laws, they wouldn't be paying out these massive settlements.
  16. texan

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    Some say cost of doing business.
    But it is sad.
    UPS has it's black eyes, and so does every other business.

    I do not know the documented track record of FDX in the above.

    I am remorself if it is true.

    I do not doubt you, just do not want to further bring myself down by looking it up.
    There is not much good news out there anymore.

    Things are not looking good all over lately. Not a Chicken Little, but we are back to the same
    government of the last 4 years.

    Spend / borrow and a I will not compromise Congress.

    More "temp" fixes for another 4 years while we go 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, TRILLION in debt?