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  1. Upslady20

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    Being a female UPS driver I am interested in finding out how many other women are on this forum.
    Curious to how long you have been driving what type of route. How are you treated by your coworkers. How many women drivers in your building.
    Just curious what it is like for other women drivers across the U.S.
  2. rebel

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    Two women drivers in my building and I'm sure they work a lot harder than I do, and I'm smokin.
  3. over9five

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    There's a couple women package drivers here too. They work as hard as the rest of us, that's the job!

    They're treated like people...... What do you mean by that? Are you treated badly, or differently?
  4. Ms Spoken

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    I'm a female driver that has been with UPS for over 16 years. At my center when you bid a route (by seniority) it's yours until you leave or rebid another one. When my (country) route came up for bid nobody wanted it because it was never in but, I took a chance and it has paid off.
    As for the treatment of coworkers I have really never had any problems. But, to everyone at UPS I'm just one of the guys. I have more trouble with another female driver (cat fight) than anyone else. JMO I think what helped me is I started in the unload and WORKED my way to be a driver. Nothing has ever been handed to me and thats the way I want it.
  5. Upslady20

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    In my building which I have been driving in for for about 17 years the first 4 in a building that we split off from. The first building was actually two centers in one but you were working together across the belt from each other. The first group I worked with were great very easy going fun guys ( I was the only female) we actually helped each other out back then and if you ran across a driver in the afternoon that was buried you took some of his work and helped him get finished. When the building actually split into two separte building I bid to the new center which was in my town and right down the street from my house.
    There were only a couple of us from the old center that swithed to the new center. And the personalites of the new center were complete opposites. Very negative, self centered rude bunch of guys. I don't think they could talk one sentence without foul language. It was :censored2: everything. And for some reason they seemed to think females could not do the same job as them. And when the report told them otherwise that the female was blowing them away it made a few very resentful. ( I was young stupid and only wanted to get home) They seem to think the routes are changed for the females which we have 3 in our building at this time. That we are incapable of actually doing the job. That is just a few old timers thou. All of the new hires over the year respect the women since we are the ones who try and help them out and teach them the ins and outs of being a driver.
    So I was just curious of how all of the other women were doing. I just think it will be harder for us to make it to the end so I like hearing that there are women older than me I'm 48 with 21 years that are still out there working away.
    I know the fair days work for a fair days pay is supposed to protect everyone but the report scares me. I actually had a ride recently to see if it was the route or me. I had recently bid on this route and was doing better than the last driver. After the ride the supervisor told me it needed a time study that my methods were great. The next week though when my center manager returned I was told to look in the mirror and figure out what I was doing wrong to keep running over. No need to look in the mirror though I know I do the best I can everyday that I climb into the seat and sit down. I still do it better than the swing drivers or the prior driver and I will never run or skip lunch anymore so there is nothing to look at. My running day are long over just work at a steady pace.
  6. mis_load

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    I started in 77 in Va., at time I was the only woman for about 4 years. The guys went out of the way to help me when I first started. As time went by things didn't change. They new I could run circles around them, but we all worked together as a team. When I left Va and came to La. the guys know the 2 women in our center can work circles around them. And yes to women have more work and harder routes then most men. In todays world in our center if everyone would just do there job, ours days would be so much easier. After 30 years, I know that I have lost a few steps, but I am steady and reliable.
  7. local804

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    The women seem to handle thier own here also. We have a women who became a driver after her phone center job was cut. We had a few hundred employees at 1 Old Country Road in Carle Place and UPS subed out those jobs. Alot of them got other positions inside UPS and alot also were not so lucky. The women Judy is one of the fastest split drivers we have in our center. Other than that, I think there are only 4 women drivers in our building.
  8. lost

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    I am not a driver, but I am woman. I have worked just as hard or harder than the men. I have loaded the feeders, picked off, unloaded and did irregs for my PD. I always been trated the same as any UPS employee.
  9. toonertoo

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    i AM OLDER THAN YOU i WILL BE 50 (UGH), I was treated differently because I came from mgmt, to the ranks and they thought I was infiltrating, but that didnt last long. Everyone has treated me great once they saw I was there for the same reason. . I know most of them well, and their families. I have helped many I hope with info they know nothing about. They have helped me learning to deal with things I knew nothing about. While they know I am a female, they are at ease. They can talk about whatever they want and if I were to be offended, I would walk away, in 23 yrs I havent been offended with language, stories etc. I work much better with men than women, they are all doing the same thing I am just trying to get through, rough roads, and forks in the road, and missed turns, and Im not just talking of when you are driving. im the only woman in my center and I like it. It makes me special. But I get no breaks, I get no less work, and I get no favoritism, and I dont want it. I've had problems with my time study and it infuriates me. But all I can do is what I do, service the customer, usually come to work, but thats changing, Ill be on fmla for 4 to 6 wks, and the truth is I would rather be working than what Im doing at present. For that its another thread. Take care tooner
  10. upsgrunt

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    Woman that are drivers, preloaders, reloaders, whatever, get my full respect and the same treatment I give any of my co-workers. There is a family type atmosphere among the workers at my building that is equal to all-men, women, martians, whoever they hire. My feeling is that we are all in this together; just because you are a different sex doesn't mean we don't have mostly similar goals. The job is hard enough without not getting along with your co-workers. Why make it worse?
  11. AirDriverAmy

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    I am one of three females in my building. I am the only female on the PM Air side. We have one FT driver and another female that is a combo pre- load and AM Air side. I have not had any problem with anyone.

    I work just as hard as anyone else. I've tried to "learn my job" and be the best at it. I am hoping to go FT. I am now on the reg temp list. I'm going to give it a try.

    At the driving school I was the only female in the class. The class had 9 new hires. I did very well and better than a few guys in the class, on the road and the test.
  12. RockyRogue

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    I've worked with a couple female UPS'ers--Chicago and Denver. The Chicago group was a mix of good workers and primadonnas. The latter drove me up a wall, the former could and often did run circles around young, fit guys. That was good for a laugh for the enlightened group of guys. The unenlightened...it just p*ssed them off!:). I know a couple here in Denver, including a f/t supe. Not a bad individual per se but the personality could use a facelift :sad:. I've known two female p/t supes--one was promoted, the other transferred. The former was a B*%$H I've posted about before. The latter was......WOW!!! Talk about capable, knowledgeable, etc. She is almost universally missed. We had a new-hire female hourly up and quit this week. Another female has been with UPS for years and no one likes her. We all try to stay outta her way. I know a couple female hourlies AND supe's on other sorts. I have my doubts about one of the supe's intelligence and/or organization. I saw one of the hourlies in an air trailer and helped her unload a few pieces, during which she traded trash talk with a bunch of guys, including how she regularly takes down trailers before they do. That shut them up :thumbup1:. I know a couple other posters here either have or do work in my building, so I'll yield to them on knowledge of workers. -Rocky
  13. longlunchguy

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    We have 2 female drivers in our building, a small center of 45 drivers. They're both experienced drivers who do the job every day. And when they're :censored2: they can and do cuss as much as any of the guys. Personally, I don't know how either of them do it, they aren't very big. And I wouldn't want my wife to have to do it
  14. Fnix

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    We have 6 out of 252 drivers.
  15. mattwtrs

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    There are 7 females in our 32 driver center.
  16. dillweed

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    We have about 60 drivers in our building and 3 are female. They kick butt! Two of them I worked with on the preload and they worked their tails off, keeping up with or outdoing the guys.

    I've only driven air but learned enough to know how much is involved in driving and would never tackle full time. Our female drivers seem to fit right in with the guys and I don't believe they get special treatment.

    I have the utmost respect for both male and female drivers; it's a darned hard job. dw
  17. Id show the women drivers in my building some respect when they show it to me.... but then I am a male and like every other male who has ever exisited all we do is objectify them and look at them as sex objects....

    thats really so dumb.. especially considering that no male who has ever existed or will would look at these women as sex objects.

    maybe that was mean but so are the man eaters that drive packages in our building....
    Why do they all have chips on there shoulders? I have never known anyone to single out a women to be harassed for her womenliness. maybe because they were jerks cry babys whatever... but then no one wants to talk to the men who fill those roles either.

    we all work for the same place. we all do the same stuff.. why cant we all get along?

    im sick of the im better then you attitude I experiece with like 80% of the upsers I have encountered.
  18. helenofcalifornia

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    Then you are hanging out with the wrong UPS'ers.
  19. dammor

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    What are you talking about? Seems the chip is on your shoulder. Most here are bonded by the fact that we are in this boat together. Perhaps the problem is not with the people you work with. It could be you. Think about it.........
  20. newenglandnasty

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    I've always been treated very well as a woman at UPS, and as far as I can tell, my workload has never been lighter or heavier than anyone elses.
    They were pretty decent to me when I was pregnant, too. They told me up front they couldn't give me light duty, which I was fine with. I did a pick until I was too big. Part of the reason I could stay so long was because many of the guys were willing to help me lift overweights and stuff. I was grateful for the help, and I was also grateful for the fact that they otherwise didn't treat me any different and allowed me to just do my job.