Won't get to drive for ten years?!

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by Boonie, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Boonie

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    Someone on another trucking forum just told me not to worry about UPS Freight because if hired, I wouldn't get a driving route for ten years. No driving whatsoever for ten years?!
  2. Anonymous 10

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    It will go fast.
  3. Boonie

    Boonie New Member

  4. 2Slow

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    It all depends... I know a full time feeder driver with 25 permanent drivers under him on the list that is like 27 years old.
  5. Boonie

    Boonie New Member

    Maybe he got hired at 17. I started turning grey at 24.
  6. rocket man

    rocket man Well-Known Member

    why are you worried about ups frieight? I talked to a manager today and he said since you put a post on this site it will now be 11 years.
  7. UPSGUY72

    UPSGUY72 Well-Known Member

    10 years that nothing. I can top that the wait for getting a feeder job in my area is around 15-20 years after you get a package car driver position.
  8. cosmo1

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    He's talking FREIGHT, people. Wrong forum.
  9. Boonie

    Boonie New Member

    Sorry about that. I'm new to this forum, just joined in fact. Either way, feeder or Freight, it's all good because I'm considering both. Since the forum title is UPS Discussions, I thought we could talk about Freight on here as well.
  10. UPSGUY72

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    They are totally different divisions of UPS. In most locations in order to become a feeder drive you have to start out working at a PT package handler and work you way up as they don't hire off the street. For freight you need to have experience and then you have to compete with every other Tom, Dick and Harry that want't the job.
  11. BBAK

    BBAK Banned

    Freight will hire you off the street to drive. No experience required (no matter what their website says.)

    Ups package takes years to become a driver. UPS Freight doesnt.
  12. sppollock

    sppollock Member

    On the other website you were only talking about part time package seasonal job, not freight, they are two different companies under the UPS brand. Small package will take you years to drive tactor trailer, freight will be alot quicker.
  13. Spunkeymonkey

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    Dirty Secret. They are not staffing more and only staff more when someone retires, quits or gets fired. When they are short on the road they hire independents to run line haul. Thank your Union Leadership for that one. For local p&d they have a list of wild drivers or part timers you have to get past so yes it might be awhile. 10 years sounds a bit far fetched but a waiting game is on unless lady luck comes your way.
  14. sppollock

    sppollock Member

    Depending on the area you are running from. We have been hiring for both boards and drivers have been driving, not full time, but they have been in the truck making deliveries and picking up freight.
  15. Boonie

    Boonie New Member

    Thanks, guys, for all the informative posts so far. There is certainly a lot to be considered. What's it like to start out with UPS Freight? Wages, hours, benefits, driving, management/employee relations, overall employee satisfaction, working conditions?
  16. rickyrocket

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    Put it this way...the first three years SUCK,I think starting wage is $15.05,you'll probably do OK June thru Christmas then be on call for the rest of the time,the Co. doesn't give a rats :censored2: that you are struggling to feed your kids/pay bills so long that they can call you to work the dock just enough so you cant collect or even work part time elsewhere,....when you do make it to top pay life gets a little better,been here 3 and a half years still sitting at home w/the wife bitchin about money...7 drivers have ret.,got fired or died since I started,been here too long to quit & too old to start over again...we have 3 62 r. olds they gotta retire someday then I'll have a bid run & life will be good
  17. OldSnake63

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    YEA !!! just if the old farts would laydown . us younger guys could eat a little better !

    UPSFIKES New Member

    you may not get a route but you will work unassigned.
  19. johndobee

    johndobee New Member

    Very true. You just have to wait it out on the dock and hope enough drivers retire or get fired, or get fed up with the BS and quit. The latter happens more often than you might think. Especially with low seniority guys. At our barn it happens in waves. Noone leaves for a couple years, then BOOM, a group of them are gone for one reason or other!