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    i was wondering if anyone here has the same problem im currently following you from route to route. I'm a cover driver and never do the run the regular driver goes out follows me depending on which run i do...i've done three diffrent routes in one week and got the same split each time. I usally dont mind, but its getting overboard. I do the speed limit, take my breaks and lunch when i starting to see why the union turns good workers into lazy workers..what do you guys do when this happens? am i overreacting? thanks guys
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    Are u a full time cover driver? Does your local have x coverage men?

    Are u eligible for 9.5 list?
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    how does driving the speed limit and taking lunch and breaks equate being a lazy union driver?
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    I'd argue the company turns a good hard worker into a lazy worker. The company will run a runner into the ground. The harder u work the more work u get. Instead of being rewarded with early days all u get is messages to help people and more work the next day.

    Now the union allows the driver to become lazy instead of just getting fired but its the company fault those drivers ever want to slow down.
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    it doesn't, but the lazy drivers get it easy. They get work taken off them, and still get overtime. easy days.

    i'm fulltime cover, and do have 9.5 list...
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    I had a supervisor who would follow me on my area, and watch and most likely film me just trying to catch me doing something I should not do or not following the methods.. This was about 15 years ago, and thank goodness he has since been fired for calling another driver (different center) the N word at the Verizon store where the driver was delivering (customers and the Verizon workers all were witness's to his use of the N word) Corp came up from Atlanta and fired him the next day. I had complained to Corp. about this guy, and even wrote a letter to Corp. about him and his verbal abuse towards me.. Of course they did not believe me. Just do your job as you were trained, follow all methods,do not take any short cuts, they will come back to bite you in the ass. Eventually they will stop. They are just bullying you, and most of all dont let them get under your skin. Then they win.
  7. If you're good it will follow you like that welcome to the club, I'm still on my 30 day packet and they are sending me out 15 stops over because I run the route faster than the regular driver ever has and I'm not even running stops, the more you can do the more you will get to do, it's the company motto
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    Fixed it for you.
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    Slow down son lol. Maybe that will work lol.

  10. Yes, unions forges Hard working employees into Lazy :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ty employees.

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    speak for yourself...
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    A little off topic, but doesn't Maine have moose running around there...have you ever heard of a driver hitting one...

  13. I Agree,
    Preloader- Seems the FASTER I work= the More work I get.

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    I just love getting home at 530 grabbing a beer, and sitting on my lazy union :censored2: all night drinking it
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    Yes, I will speak for myself. While I'm not a driver the same mentality exists inside a hub as well. I used to be very gung-ho and worked as hard as I could to get the job done. Over time I saw other coworkers doing significantly less work, less than half by some IE audits, and this has slowly caused me to do less. I still work hard, and still feel I put a fair days work in, but I still do a fair amount more than others for no other reason than they don't want to. I can accept an off day where someone is tired or not feeling well, but when it's the same thing all the time, and some have openly admitted they're purposely doing less work, then I have a problem with that. I also understand physical capability, and I'm looking at the effort given.