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  1. Here In Texas, there is alot of road construction. Most work zones are 50 mph. 24/7. I drive my Feeder run in these zones all night long and into the morning. It never ceases to amaze me at the number of UPS Feeders and package cars passing me(obviously a work zone where the fines are double!). With the recent fatality in New York(I think)(or anywhere), it would seem that(especially with telematics) people would slow down and at least go the speed limit. People: if you are involved in an accident or even a complaint, your speed will be checked via telematics! It will be used against you with all the consequences. Foremost-you are breaking the law while breaking Company policy.....very bad. On the other hand, MGT should be held accountable for allowing this to happen. Yes, turning a blind eye to unsafe practices in the name of the "numbers". I'm way far from being a "Company Man". Remember this: your "numbers" and productivity will be quickly forgotten if you are ever cited or found negligent in these situations. Period. I began my career with paper/clipboard and a ratty P500(wild and free compared to today). No telematics. You are sadly mistaken if you think we live in those times. One day(and we never know) something will happen. You will sleep better knowing you did the job right(safely). Change your life today.
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    great post...
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    Right on!!
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    Excellent post.

    We had a driver who was speeding through a residential area. One of the residents called in a concern. They checked Telematics and he was going 56 in a 35. This same driver had a recording while traveling at 65 mph.
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    I got one speeding in ticket in my ups vehicle management laughed. Those days are long over though I'll go maybe 5 mph over at the most now.
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    I would hate to have to live the rest of my life dealing with the guilt that I killed somebody, because of UPS pressure to go faster.
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    I get paid by the hour, not mile per hour.
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    Cool story.
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    Say, 'want to retire', how do you feel about truck lane restriction violations? Our local feeder guys are all good that I've seen around here, but there are a lot of package cars that seem to stray out of the truck lanes. Maybe they think it doesn't apply to package 'cars'? Hahaha
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    I honestly can't recall any driver ever being told to "slow down" in the 30 years I was there. I've heard a thousand times "what took you so long? or how come so and so does the route faster? or what do I have to do, kick you in the :censored2:? but never to slow down". Even when a complaint was called in they might tell the driver "be careful" or something to that affect but never to actually slow down. They used to call it "driving aggressively- but under control. (just a different way of saying go like a raped ape) . The usual procedure when a speeding through a neighborhood complaint was called in was who ever answered the phone (clerk- porter-center manager-sup or whoever you would "act" REAL concerned but normally the actual driver didn't get in until everyone was gone and all was forgotten by the following day.
  11. I'm not sure what a truck lane restriction, it's cars only-no trucks. So, they're package cars....right? As far as any "violation" you get what you deserve...
  12. Around here, you were always "guilty" matter what. If the customer said so-it was so. Including discipline and all. I will say telematics could save your career even though it's Big Brother. Telematics could also sink your career. True story: Morning PCM, raining outside and the Sup. asks for a safety tip......someone steps up and says "It's raining outside, increase your following distance and slow down".......the Sup. quickly says "No! don't slow down!" and we all walked away shaking our heads in dismay......just another day.
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    I get paid by the hour. Exceeding ANY speed or taking money outta my pocket and food outta my kids' mouths.