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  1. I got a message today on my diad that they needed 3 people for Saturday air. (others day stuff)y I guess nobody wanted to work so later around 6:00 I got another message that all cover drivers will be on call for Saturday.
    My questions are..

    1) Dont we need to have more notice. At least 24 hours?

    2) I have the highest seniority as a cover driver. So I should be the first one called and the first one to say no.

    3) What can they do If I dont answer my phone. or tell them no. Did they need to give more notice?

  2. over9five

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    What exactly is "on call"?

    Do you get compensated to be "on call"?

    If not, and you don't want to work, I would suggest not answering your phone.
  3. scratch

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    Heavy Saturday Air expected tomorrow because of Mother's Day. I had a truck load of flowers today, at least my P7 smelled nice for a change!

    I don't know what the contract says about whether they could force you to come in tomorrow. You might could get that 24 hour stomach virus that is always going around!:closedeye
  4. they just said "the regular Saturday air driver has everyones numbers and will call if needed"
    The sups arent even coming in. Just the regular saturday air driver and who ever else he can convince to come in.
  5. SmithBarney

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    24hrs notice needed.
    and you can't work more than 60hrs in a 7 day period. DOT regulations
    Tell them while its none of their business, saturday is the sabboth...
    (of course its not the sabboth for you.. but its still the sabboth)
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    Hell, I'm a part-timer already working 6 days a week.
    Saturdays amount to about 1/3 of my check, so I welcome it.

    As for you, I have no idea if you should have, or shouldn't have been given more notice and where it would say so per contract or whatever, but that deffinately doesn't seem like enough time.

    But, since you are on the top of the seniority list, you should be the first one called, but you should also have the right to say no.

    In a case like that they should work from the bottom of the list and up. Especially with such little notice.
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    woah! that's a breach of contract. the bargaining unit employee's job is not to maintain order or decide who goes home or comes in. watch out for that. contact your union.
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    Your a lucky part-timer working 6 days. I am full time and was told I cannot work a 6th day.. What happened?? Years ago a part-timer had no rights whereas the full timer had everything. Times, they are a changin'.
  9. RockyRogue

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    HazMat, it probably has something to do with DOT regs, union contract and other factors. I'm just guessing here. I've never driven anything larger than a sedan! -Rocky
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    That's exactly why I'm able to work saturdays. No full time drivers are aloud to do so.

    Also, I still rarely break 30 hours.
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    HazMatMan, are you a Falcons fan? That can't be easy up there in Yankee territory.:w00t:

    While I sympathize for the PTers, Sat air should be considered extra work and a weekly bid should be posted for those Fters who would like the OT. Then the PTers. But its substantially cheaper to use PTers so thats why UPS does it.
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    With the kind of service failures at this facility, CHEAP has been the word of the year.
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  13. Each week, a bid list is up for any full time driver who wants to work on Saturday to sign. The driver with the most seniority gets the call to work on Saturday if there are not enough part timers to deliver Saturday air. Otherwise, there won't be a call. It is all overtime if the driver worked 5 days, but if you missed one day and work on Saturday, it is strait time.
  14. HazMatMan

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    Falcons fan, Mets fan, Yankee hater. I am full time inside, I am not a driver, just would like to work a sixth day to pick up some extra money but was told I could not do it (something to do with not getting my 8 full hours) it's only half a shift of work, funny thing is i've worked it before but now am being told I cannot.
  15. browniehound

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    Where I'm from full-time drivers are "aloud" :lol: to work Saturdays, LOL.
  16. outamyway

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    Is this forum owned by the grammer police? :confused:1
  17. browniehound

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    I think your problem falls within the contract garunteeing a full-time employee 8 hours of work when he shows up if he so requests it. At the same time, if UPS can't get enough part-timers to work on Sat., the work must be offered to full-time employees in seniority order. Once you get called in they must offer you 8 hours if you want it. Sat. commit time are 12 pm where I'm from so this creates a problem for the company when they start you at 8:30. Where I'm from most driver don't demand the 8 hours, but the company is obligated ,via the contract, to provide 8 hours of work. Which means they have you sweep out package cars at $41 an hour. Which also means, the 6 Sat. air packages you delivered that a.m., probably put the company $200 in the red for you to deliver them. This is why they try at all costs to eliminate full-timers from driving Sat. air. At leats this is how I understand it.

    BROWNDAWG Member

    there is no such thing as being on call, u tcd's have to be called in in reverse senority starting from if not able to sufficiently staff w regular air drivers.