written up for misloads?

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    yesterday I had 2 misloads that my sup pulled out, he handed me a paper and said sign here. I hate how no matter how hard i try i still end up misloading, especially when im getting slammed by boxes. my question is, what can the misload paper do? can i get fired?
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    Just a side note - Never, ever, EVER sign anything, ever, for any reason, without a union rep present.
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    DID YOU SIGN IT? First mistake. DID YOU HAVE YOUR STEWARD PRESENT? Second mistake. If you had your steward present these questions would have been answered at the time of signing. NEVER EVER sign anything without fully understanding the ramifications of what you are signing. And in case you didn't know UPS cannot force you to sign anything that isn't required by law. And always have your steward presnt.
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    care to elaborate? im new and trying to figure this stuff out.
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    In a nutshell with no detail?

    Nothing presented to an employee of UPS to sign is used to help a UPS employee. ANYTHING that an employee is asked to sign is presented for one reason only - to use against the UPS employee in the future.

    UPS, as an employer, is not your friend. Your manager has two jobs, and two jobs only ;

    1. Deflect the heat to someone else
    2. Gather ammo so heat can later be deflected to someone else.
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    im really starting to get sick of this job.. busting my ass for 9 bucks an hour and still being told its not PERFECT and having to sign crap. They have me on trucks that have errors every damn day - such as twice the amount of packages the truck can hold, But they complain about some misplaced boxes. what the hell do they expect with that kind of :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: pay?
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    Here is how to be content at UPS (It is impossible to be happy there)

    1. Never sign anything.
    2. Ignore superviser fluff, which is 90% of what your supervisor says. Let it roll off. Get an iPod.

    On a positive note, you won't get fired for misloads. Knowing that, move forward, ignore the ass holes.
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    alright, but why would he make me sign for a misload? can anyone explain what it means? Its just bugging me now because i have no idea what will happen. Thanks for the tips though.
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    That is why.

    UPS's form of motivation. Sucks, don't it? Welcome to kindergarden playground from hell.

    Don't worry, the longer you are here, it only gets worse.
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    Nothing. And no, you're nowhere near that. They have to use progressive discipline, and they can't just pick on you -- are you much worse than your co-workers at similar experience levels? Anyway, if you get misloads when slammed, stop rushing when slammed. Not working at a frantic pace is definately not a firing offense.
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    Yes, UPS managers believe or are trained to believe intimidation and humiliation motivates people. It must work on most people or they wouldn't do it. If they are picking on people it is because those people let them. Work as directed but don't put up with their crap, just smile and chuckle when they start squawking about numbers this and numbers that.
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    by the way, im starting to think my supervisor is switching boxes in my trucks on purpose. Its always the really small ones that he points out and i feel like theres no way i put them there. It sounds ridiculous but i honestly think hes doing it. I went 2 days without any misloads while doing 3 trucks when he wasnt around.
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    Grow some thick skin, cause even though it doesn't get any better, it does get tolerable. If you're here for the long haul, then it'll be worth it. If you're here with other things in mind for your future, your short term happiness would be better served somewhere else that isn't as hard. Depending on your location, you may have the Earn and Learn program for p/t. If not and you plan on going to school, go into p/t management and get a good reference on your next job application and school benefits. Good Luck.
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    Yes, like a really bad marriage
  16. Having been a preloader a few years before becoming a supe I'll say this: slow down and focus. I was ridden for speed and such everyday (even though I was way above the number they were looking for). I went along with it and they kept asking more, eventually the misloads started. As others have said, you can't be fired for how fast you work. You can (eventually) be fired for misloads but this is a long process in itself and even if you somehow were fired, you'd likely get your job back anyway. We've had someone who has punched an hourly get their job back with backpay....Do the best you can and let the rest just roll off. You mentioned you were new? how new? I ask because progressive discipline for a new hire over misloads is something I've not heard of here (at my building).
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    tomorrow will be my 9th day. I just think its crazy how they give you zero training and expect you to load flawlessly while boxes fall off the belt. last week i got slammed so badly i was barely able to throw the boxes on the ground fast enough and ended up blocking one truck off completely, filled the door area up to the roof with RDLs. left me drenched in sweat after a few minutes and im in pretty good shape. I mean honestly the boxes were back to back touching for like an hour straight. I just keep asking myself if its worth it to stay... what if they lay me off after december, it would have been a huge waste of time and energy for nearly mcdonalds pay. I cant stand finishing a day of work and wondering if I made a massive mistake like 10 misloads or forgot add/cuts etc, i end up worrying about it until the next day.
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    I wouldnt let the preload affect your day after work. The pay at the time isnt worth the stress. If the flow is too much to handle, just be sure to stack all the boxes in front of the correct trucks. Ive noticed misloads happen when stuff for the first truck ends up riding down to the end of the belt and its mixed in with everything else.
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