Would you return the money?

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Retired 20 years
I returned a billfold once that had over 200 hundred dollars in it. I found it coming out of a racetrack. I kept 20 bucks and left the guy a note saying I was going to have a few beers on him. I'm sure he didn't mind getting all his credit cards, drivers license and 90% of his money back. I gave it to a cop at the campground I was staying at. Then again the cop probably kept the rest -- who knows.


Victory Ride
You have to watch those old guys. They have money stashed everywhere.
After my Grandpa passed ....we looked very hard for a stash of cash ...never found, but my Aunt and Mom insisted in was somewhere in his old Victorian home


Living for Lunch Break
You and @rod , will rot in hell !!
Bring shorts

No way! Jesus taught that if you find a treasure in a field, you sell all your possessions to buy the field. Then the treasure is yours.

Legally, you bought the furniture, it and everything in it are yours. I, personally, would attempt to secretly find out who donated it, figure out the situation, and make a decision based on that, while sitting in the driver's seat of my new corvette.