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    Hello ...I was employed at UPS back in the late 80's early 90's . One day stepping out of my pkg car I hung my shirt sleeve on the door latch and torr my shoulder roataiter . Any way long story short I had surgery and about a year later I was accused of flipping the finger at the center mgr's wife and that was the beginning of the end for me. A few years later things started getting strange feelings in my neck and shoulder like little tremors but didn't think much about it and through the years lived with it . For the past 8 or so years things have been hell , I'll spare the details but I had X-rays taken of my shoulder and it seems the screw in my arm is moor than just a screw. I think the company was testing the idea of tracking devices in employes even back then . I'm looking for anyone els who may have had a similar experience .
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    Why would UPS implant a tracking device in you
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  4. Turdferguson

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    Oh for crying out loud.

    UPS turned you into a borg?
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    You live near area 51?
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    A precursor to the ups app that people think they're tracking everyone with.
  9. silenze

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    Yes. This is very common. Use your own doctor. Never go to the company doctor.
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    Moor problems we can't handle. Try the State Department or the Spain Consulate.

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    You have a screw loose?
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    It must be the loose screw that fell out of your head.
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    @Awakened the force have I can help you
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    What kinda drugs are you on Mark
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    cool story Bro
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    Ground Control to Major Tom
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    I was hopping for some helpful ,or at least intelligente
    Input but thanks anyway.
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