Yep.... Im for Obama now

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by tourists24, Sep 28, 2012.

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    At first I thought it was TOS but then realized it was probably MFE in one of his more lucid moments.
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    I wonder if she would flip her vote to Romney for an Ipad
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    Or for a world of her own.

    You people crack me up.
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    Are you seriously proud of THAT bought vote?
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    I thought Roy D. Mercer was funny!
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    I heard this on the radio, and it proves that most Americans are ignorant, not that Obama supporters are any more ignorant than Romney supporters. I could go to Cooter Hollow, Alabama and get the same type of moronic answers about Romney from gun-toting, KKK, sister-marrying, GOP faithful. Most Americans are big surprise there.
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    please post that video Mr of the Cooter Hollow voters for Romney.... It will be a hoot to watch
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    Be careful what you ask for. :)

    Romney Redneck Outreach - YouTube
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    Git Er Donn!

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    git er done
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    I see you're not from Alabama!
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    No sir,,, but close ;) .....
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    That note involved an Obama sticker. we also carry about 10 notes that look like that, but are for people who "don't know how to park"

    When we go to Albertson's or Ralph's, there's always those drivers that don't realize where the end of their car is or the end of their space. They take up 2 spaces. If you want to be "alone", then park in the back forty.

    They get the note that basically tells them they are inconsiderate of others and don't know how to park.