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    Simply don't have one unless you have your sights set on a career in management (good luck with that) or are content being an underpaid workhorse. Mr. Smith has created a scenario where unionization is almost impossible, so other than WAD, there is little you can do in response.

    If you are still young enough, I urge you to leave FedEx and find something (anything) with better prospects for a future. I foresee the PPP being eliminated soon, and higher insurance premiums for terrible coverage are a given even after what's going to happen in 2014. This is a company led by morons who manage from an ivory tower that is completely disconnected from the real world.

    Think about it. We have VPs who spend their day approving things like uniform requisitions and vehicle rentals. Yes, it actually takes the signature of a VP to get a new shirt or replace the vehicle that went in the ditch yesterday with something from Budget or Enterprise. The rest of the day they are reviewing the reports that monitor report compliance. Maybe they could spend their time doing something that is actually productive?

    It's only going to get worse as these braniacs figure out new ways to save money. The problem is, most of these brilliant plans actually cost the company's that dysfunctional.

    Leave now, because there is more to come that's even more stupid than what they're already doing. There is nothing that should be keeping you here other than an inability to find other employment.
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    90% of those "reports" are useless and don't help anything at all. These assclowns need to actually learn the art of making themselves useful.
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    Thanks for posting.
  5. Do you know what else we do as managers? I have a helium bottle in my office and sometimes I suck on it. At first I did it to get high, until I realized the awesomeness of the side effect. It makes your voice squeaky! Due to this, recreational helium use is spreading like wildfire amongst fedex management. Memphis is doing a good job of suppressing it, so I'm not surprised no one has heard of this. When your manager locks himself away, he is not doing paperwork or making calls, he is puffing on that sweet nectar. Next time you see your manager, call him a helium-sucking scoundrel, and watch his face.
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    I thought they only sucked ass, not helium. I'm glad you have "outed" this nefarious helium-huffing scheme.
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    I thought you were leaving.
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    C'mon, you know this place is like "The Hotel California".
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    uyes. I just like to play with the folks who make a grand exit, never to return...until next week...maybe sooner.;)
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    Clothing and office supplies don't require a VP to sign off, neither does anything out of the company catalog up to a certain dollar amount; at least on the FXG side of things. As long as I get the SM to sign off I can order whatever I need.

    I disagree with the notion that there are no careers in Fedex outside of management. Operations is good to me. :)
  11. Kool aid drinker ^^^^^^^^^^. I've been both a Ground driver and a courier, and I'd buy uniforms on ebay. I'd get my hats for 4-5 bucks a pop on and sell them for 10, for extra cash on the side. I'd have to consult fedexrookie for his superior math skills, but I think that is a 100-120% profit.

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    Some people just can't get enough of that kool aid. It's like crack, one hit and they're hooked.
  13. I like koolaid, I mix it in sugary drinks and drink it. I meant the metaphorical kool aid which indicates someone is either blind to the motives of a corporation and thinks that everything they do is for the common good of the company, or they are an ass kisser climbing the corporate ladder. Let's not confuse the yummy drink with the other.

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    That's what I'm talking about bro. The purple kool aid is like crack to these people. No confusion there.
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    I'm not blind to the fact that the whole reason this company exists, as well as most companies out there, is to make money. I merely remarked that I am well compensated for the work I do, I like what I do, and I know where I want to be 5-10 years from now.

    OMG! Someone is satisfied with their job and level of pay! HERESY! Kool-aid drinker! Ass-kisser!
    Sheesh. Get over yourselves.
  16. Drinker! ^^^^^^^ If we're going to mince definitions, let us do so. Companies rooted in capitalism are here to make money, yes. The difference between company XYZ, and FedEx is that FedEx goes above and beyond normal money making strategies and is willing to risk the safety of it's line staff, slash benefits, use intimidation and outright illegal activities (google fedex lawsuits) to make a buck. They also pay their line staff little more than half of it's counterpart at UPS. Let's not even get into what Ground is. That is much more than company XYZ. You are the poster child of kool aid drinkers like the guys at

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    This is the same Slurpee drinker that said are new health plan is great.
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    Need a wholesaler? $2.50 a hat. ;)
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    Hey, the consumer choice plan suits my needs just fine. I'm young, healthy and single with no dependents. The HRA account yearly stipend alone can cover most of what I need in a year. and god forbid something does happen, I have more than enough to cover the maximum deductible if needed. Many years down the line if I have to switch to premier or if something drastic does happen, I'll re-evaluate. but as it stands I think the coverage is decent for what little gets deducted out of my paycheck for it.

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    Ah, to be so young ,naive and ignorant.