Your random UPS stories

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    Your random UPS stories

    Theme is easy tell us your random UPS stories. It could be funny, sad, silly, sick pretty much all of the above. I’ve heard some tales in my Hub/center from drivers and Hub/center supervisors and workers. I’m sure each place of work shares these types of similarities. So, let’s being shall we!

    One that sticks out for me came from a driver. Perhaps you guys know about pee bottles. Well, one day a driver was coming back into the building after a shift. He threw the bottle out into the yard right next the pedestrian walk area. There it sat the rest of the night and into the morning before the next shift.

    The bottle sat there full of urine without it being picked up by the clean up crew, or before they could get to it. Shift begins and a driver going out came up to it and ran it over, BOOM! He ran it over and it exploded. The inners went, yes, everywhere. At this time, people are leaving and coming in. These were victims of the explosion. People, cars where hit by the liquid.

    The next day, the driving and building supervisors gathered the entire 250 some drivers for a PCM about it. I mean, it’s gross and hilarious on its own. But having a PCM about it puts the cherry on top.
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    once upon a time i worked for a decent LTL trucking company, it wasnt the best but it was ok, UPS bought us and made everybody miserable

    the end
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    AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HA AHHAHAHAHAHAHAH *wipes tear* that was good.

    Today my helper and I were well into our resis when all of a sudden we hear a noise. I thought it was a toy in a box much like a few days ago. Wel,l we move on. Next stop we hear it again only this time it is identifiable as a voice. Someone saying hello actually. So we sit and we hear it again. "HELLO. HELLO." I realize it is coming from his pocket. Its his cell phone. So he takes it out and he had butt dialed someone. That someone turned out to be 911. So she asks if he is ok and he answers, "It's a little cold but I am ok." I start laughing. Not that dialing 911 by accident is funny but that his response was so crazy. She asks where we are just to check the tracking software they use. I guess she figures since she got a freebie she might use it. Turns out she asks because she thought it was broken because we were moving around so fast.
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    Christmas peak season two years back I was loading cars on the preload as I am today. Our belt was the in terribly poor shape, everyone had stackouts, the egress quickly turned into an obstacle course.

    I was sorting at the front of the belt with another guy across from me, we each had three trucks. All our trucks were stacked out and all we could really do was sort the belt, otherwise we would risk missing our own packages if one of us tryed to load one of our trucks. So we sorted and talked for a while, trying to wait it out till the flow slowed down. Our part-time supe was way down at the end of the belt loading cars for someone who didn't show up that day and they didn't have a replacement, of course he was stacked out too.

    He yelled at us from all the way down the belt that he was sweating and working while we were just talking and not loading. We yelled back that we couldn't move. Immediately he stopped the belt and because the egress was no where near clear to walk on, he walked at a very 'brisk' pace down the belt towards us, when all of a sudden he hits his head on one of the skinny metal electrical pipe lines that run overhead the belt, and he instantly falls flat on his back.

    Everyone on the belt had an easier day that day, the supe wore a bandage on his head the rest of the shift. He quit 3 months later, not sure why though.
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    I was delivering a vacation route the day of the OJ Simpson trial verdict. I was in a rural area and didn't know anyone but was curious about the trial outcome.

    I knocked on a door to deliver and a nice older lady answered the door and said" they are about to read the verdict in the OJ trial do you want to come in and watch?" I said sure and stepped into the doorway to the living room where I could see the TV.

    I was standing in the doorway on an area rug. There was an older man in the living room in a wheelchair attached to a bunch of breathing tubes. The lady asked if I would like a glass of tea and I said "that would be great."

    When she left to go to the kitchen the man in the chair started gasping for air. I started looking around for her to return because I thought this guy wasn't going to make it.

    That is when I looked down and noticed the air tube ran under the rug I was standing on in the doorway. I jumped off the tube and started thinking breathe old timer breathe!

    By the time she came back with the tea he was doing better. I still remember the day OJ got acquitted I almost killed a guy in a wheelchair.
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    A long time ago we serviced a pretty fair size little town out of our center which was about 65 miles away. We ran a four trucks up there every day, and on one particular day two guys, one in an old P600 with the wooden bulkhead door and the other in an old GMC P500, were running up the highway nose to tail. Something happened in front of the lead truck, and he applied his brakes aggressively. The 500 behind rear ended the 600, knocking the headlights out of the 500 and doing little damage to the 600. The guys went to the nearest phone (before the invention of cell phones) and the guy in the 600 calls the center manager. This center manager, he is ruthless. These are the old days. So the guy calls and says, I was just driving along, had to brake for a car that pulled out in front of me, and I got rear-ended. The center manager asked how the truck was, the guy says, my truck is unhurt. Then the center manager asks, how was the other driver, and the guy says, "here, let me put him on."
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    Lol, great story!!!
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    OH OH OH. I have another one. Our center manager at the time was and is a great guy. Our safety guy decided to do a demonstration that was not well thought out. He hands out pieces of gum and asks everyone to chew them. He then proceeds to say that the gum is like our bodies before and after we stretch. Hard before we strech and loose and easy after. Our center manager takes over the PCM and says you all need to stretch and warm up. . . "I know all of you guys wake up stiff in the morning." I never laughed so hard and I don't think there was a dry eye in the building. We all have such dirty minds.
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    That is when I looked down and noticed the air tube ran under the rug I was standing on in the doorway. I jumped off the tube and started thinking breathe old timer breathe!

    By the time she came back with the tea he was doing better. I still remember the day OJ got acquitted I almost killed a guy in a wheelchair.[/QUOTE]
    Who can top those!!!! Great ones!!!!!!!!!
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    One time the power went out at UPS, and management was flipping out, telling us to get on the belt and push all the boxes either to primary or to our belt. So this belt is probably 100 yards long, tons of curves, slides, bars where you have to crawl. So after an hour or so we finished it. I was burning up could barely breathe, my back hurt, and I had cuts from where I hit my back/head arms on the chutes/slides/bars from pushing boxes. 5 minutes later the stupid power came back on. I have never been so ticked off in my life. I know they were just making us do that to stay busy so they wouldn't have to pay us for doing nothing, even though it's their fault the power kept going out and they couldn't get the generator working right. Well about 3 months later it happened when we had a snow storm. They told us to crawl on the belts and do it again. I pretty much just refused. I stayed in the truck and loaded what they would push to me. Sure enough, about 5 minutes from the belt being cleared off the power came on. Stuff like that pisses me off, and UPS can really suck on occasion. I told my supervisor I am never crawling on the belt again.
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    Peak early this century, forgot what year, we're unloading our pick-ups (really small center) myself and another driver were loading the boxes from the rollers (no power belt either) to the 28 footer and had to hop inside to unload the rollers in the pup. Every time this one parcel got jostled we'd hear knock, knock, knock Hello, Heellllloooo, Would somebody Pleeaasssee let me outta here! Sure hope it was a toy going to some college student!
  12. grgrcr88

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    I went on vacation for two weeks, over Thanksgiving this year and before I left I wrote up my truck for the rear wheel seals leaking. This truck had been in the shop just 2 weeks prior for the same repair and it was not fixed right. The truck is one of the new workhorse p1000 so it is a warranty repair. It usually takes at least a week to get it fixed. When I came back I noticed an odd smell from the cargo area but was not sure what it was. As the days turned into weeks, it was obvious the smell was urine. The amonia smell would almost knock you out when you opened the bulkhead door. I had that truck sprayed out 3 times by the car wash, the DM even got involved making sure it was cleaned out. I went through an entire can of Lysol. The smell would just not go away!! I was narrowing it down to somewhere around the bulkhead door area, when I looked up!! You know those vents from the front of the truck thru the cab into the cargo area? I climbed up on the shelves and low and behold, there is a water bottle, half full of piss and leaking into the vent!! It was there for more than 3 weeks before I found it, and it was as brown as the package car. I have never been more disgusted in my life, as I was when I had to clean out that vent!!!
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    88, that is just sick. Geez...

    Many years ago we had this fresh young driver who was really knocking out the stops before Christmas. We had a couple inches of snow one night and this guy was delivering in an apartment complex, was carrying a couple packages and his clipboard and thought he'd cut across this courtyard to another apartment. He took about ten steps before falling into the freezing water of the covered swimming pool, shrouded in snow. He was able to pull himself out and recovered the packages, drove to his Mom's house a couple blocks away, put his clothes in the dryer and used her hair dryer on the packages. Guy was so fast, he was still underallowed. Made it big in corporate.
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    One snowy Saturday morning we opened our air trailer, which had shown up an hour late, and discovered the two trailers had been switched...we had the K'Zoo trailer, K'Zoo had our trailer.

    That day will forever be remembered as the day we got paid to sit and watch Pulp Fiction.
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    A bunch of 2 foot tall stuffed Barnies, unboxed, came through our hub one day. I'm still haunted by the sight of those Barnies wobbling down the conveyor.
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    I was delivering on my country run and was in the smallest town on the area (less than 100 people). I had a COD for a customer and when I got to the door I saw this note: "UPS--the check for the COD is at Grandma's house". The funny part was I knew where Grandma lived and was able to complete the delivery. That is just one of the challenges of delivering a country run.
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    Wow you guys sure don’t disappoint!

    Thanks to you all and I sure hope to see more replies, more great stories.

    Kraetos, Rocket, Re-Raise, Roads, Jdavis, 88 those were some great tales. I’m sure everyone working for UPS shares a story alike us, from the yearling to the 30 year services.

    88, loved the story!

    There was one I recall happening last year, somewhat similar. One preloader came in for a shift and started loading packages from the line into his car. Sooner or later he cleaned them out and soon found a bottle in the back of it. He pulled it out and inspected it, quickly he dropped it.

    Sups knew what it was and so did the preloader. They had a PCM about this too, that preloaders should never EVER do this. Sups would be so brazen to blame just about anybody other then themselves. Like a preloader would have time to pee in a bottle and toss it into a random cage.

    The next day they had some random person walking down to each preloader and charger asking if they knew anything about it. *sigh* Sups and their reindeer games.

    Thanks DandC!

    Please, have a story, share!

    Merry Christmas to everyone!
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    Enjoyed this one too! Kind've paints a more old fashion type of American living. Where its small towns and everyone knows each other and where they live.
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    This story is about an ex-cop now working for UPS. Now that the pressure is off during the weekend, I’m starting to recollect past tenses.

    All UPS places of work always have that one person, as an example, of someone trying to make things difficult for everyone, whatever it’s slacking off, getting hurt or generally all of the above. This particular person was a cop and let go, laid off or quit for whatever reason, I don’t know the details. All I know is he’s no longer one and employed by UPS now.

    Well one day the person who sets up the air bay called out sick. As in set up meaning he put up some grates for loading misdirected packages bounded for other buildings. Some of unload has been given work for another building. So it has to be sent to an air bay to travel to another building. This guy was sent there because he couldn’t preload worth a damn, overly fat and lazy.

    Me and another guy were sent to set this bay up. I’ve done it once before, and knew somewhat about how to. But UPS always has to have a sup watching by to make sure things get done right, yea right. We put it together and I looked at it and stated “are you sure? It doesn’t look right to me.". The sup said it was alright and sent us back to the line. About 30 minutes later the main line sup came storming up and gather both of us up to bring back to the air bay.

    She stopped us and asked about the set up and what happened. I could see down the walkway that the main building sup, another high level sup, the safety lady, the sup that made us set it up and this ex cop were together. The ex cop was sitting on the belt, stopped of course, and his right leg up. I knew what happened right off the bat.

    I said to her that me and this guy here set the grate up with that sup other there. She said that the guy working there tripped and got hurt on it. I said “well, I said to that sup other there it didn’t look right to me” the guy with me said I did say that. She was obviously hit by it and got upset, not at us though. I thought telling her she would say that to the rest of them, but she didn’t. So we were lead to this area were the ex cop was sitting with an ice pack on his right knee cap.

    They’re all looking at us and obviously were in a huff about this. The main building sup said “who set this up?” I said we did. She stated it wasn’t set up right and needed to be moved around. I was thinking to myself “duh, I said that earlier”. The safety lady was even taking pictures of the grate so she could slap up the photos on the safety board outside her office. I was like “god, this is such a bureaucracy”.

    Well we got down and fixed it with the high level sup. The main building sup said “there it’s set up right”. And of course the ex cop got to go home soon after.

    Over all, it’ was a demonstration of a scapegoat. That they sought out after someone to blame, which, for me; is the prefect definition of UPS supervision protocol. Never blame yourself, you can do no wrong, always blame someone else. This even after stating it was set up wrong. That we still got blamed for it.

    On Fridays, we get doughnuts and sodas. I don't get a doughnut, but I will get a free bottle of water. We call the sodas “safety sodas” for having no injuries for that week. It’s a nice gesture and moral booster. Funny, UPS is always like you need to eat right and drink plenty of water, yet on Fridays they give you a doughnut and soda. Of course this ex cops injury foils safety sodas for the entire building for us.

    The ex cop, for me, is a problem child. He loads a redirect with barely 300 packages a night and complains consistently, and always demanding help too or he’ll walk out. Boohoo, what a baby.

    Not even two months ago, he was at it again, but a more serious type of incident. An ereg driver came along to put up a redirect for this guy to load. The thing was he put it up on the floor right by him and didn’t say a word about it. Ex cop was standing right by it, the package was right behind him. Now the air bay is rather tall, I would say about 6 feet up off the ground. Of course he wasn’t looking before stepping, stepped back and tripped over it. This guy is about 5’6” and rather husky, plus a 6 foot fall. Were talking about a 11 foot plus fall over a chain to the hard floor below.

    He was sent home for a few days, while our side got no sodas. Nowadays they won’t give people sodas in their center or their side of the HUB gets an injury.

    I’m tired of that ex-cop he walks around all big and tall like he owns the place. He speaks like he knows better then you. And has an ego to match. Every UPS building in the nation has one of these types of people. You probably know one yourself, straight up problem and trouble makers.

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    Years ago, last stop of the day. Small COD pkg. going to a residence. Lady came to the door and I said "I have a COD delivery for XX dollars, Do you want to get it?" She says " I reckon... That's my husband." Quite surprised I look at the return address and see it's from a mortuary. OMG She goes back into the house and takes forever to write a check while I'm thinking about the indignity of her having him shipped COD. She returns, hands me the check and I hand her the package. She starts laughing and I suppose the puzzled look on my face caused her to utter " He sho' is light". Saying nothing more I hurried back to the truck. THE END