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  1. Well, needless to say our chit station is so severely under staffed we've been getting mandated since March. No one knows how the mandate list really works...just the way good ole fedex wants it. A lot of people working 14hr days...PM people coming in for FO's at 540am and then having to take a 3hr break before their pick up routes. AM drivers being mandated same day...."just go to xxx route and start pick up's....we'll get you help!". We've all heard that one before! A few of us are wondering when this will end with the mandates. We do have lifes to live FRED. No need to won't end anytime soon! We won't hire new people if we do...they end up quitting.

    So, my question is How many of your stations are running the same way? I know my :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: box station isn't the only one. As a good friend says...."our station is like the wild west"....WAIT TILL PEAK gun's will be blazing!

    Play the game fella's....

    Billy Baconhead


    What exactly do you mean by "mandated"? We have drafts for extra routes, but since we combined our station and another one, we have more people than work.
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    There should be a list the managers keep. It's supposed to be in seniority order to be mandated, starting with the least senior person. If you volunteer, you get skipped that cycle. We went through an 'injury cycle' earlier this year where we used that list. I believe at one time we had 6 people out injured. It was hell. Even though I run a split-shift, AM couriers had to drop and guess who did the work.

    I hope those PM couriers you spoke of are FT'ers. PT PM can just say no to coming in the morning.
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    We've been up to snuff the last year or two. But at any given time someone is out for medical reasons and usually several people at a time. A lot of this has to do with the excessive demands of the job. All in all we're in better shape than we were 5 years ago.
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    be glad you're getting OT pay for it! we sell our souls over at pseudo-FedEx for less...

    if potential employees are reading this; this job is for the single person, without any ties to family.... because during PEAK, you will not see them until Xmas day (if you're lucky not to work that day too!) :sad-little:
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    We're short handed on the PM side at my station. I put myself on the sign up list every week, and get no extra nights. They force FT's to run them (and most don't want the hours)! Go figure, but Fedex never makes sense!


    This is one of the "policies" I've never understood. You have PT's begging for hours, and they still FORCE the FT's to run an extra route. My station was so screwed up (I know, it's all relative), that we would have FT drivers signing up for extra hours, asking for them during the morning meeting, and they would still DRAFT. This is where being a Courier/Handler is nice, no draft for me!
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    We call it the 'Force' list. We must do things different here (big surprise right) because we have 2 'Force' lists. A Saturday list and a weekday list. Yep you can be forced to work a pickup route on Tuesday and STILL be forced to work Saturday if it's your turn. Lists start with the least senior person and continue to everyone has been forced to work extra. Then the list starts over. Oh yeah, NO getting skipped if you volunteer !!!!!
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    It's amazing how a company with "standardized" procedures can have so much variability, isn't it? That's because many FedEx policies don't make sense in the first place. Piss-poor management (in general) doesn't make it any better.


    I thought we only had "guidelines", when did we get "standardized procedures"?? Man, am I ever out of the loop on this one!
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    We are overstaffed, have FT'rs getting Guarantee pay(working 3 hrs a day) We have part timers getting almost 40hrs
    we have two AM drivers that really don't help reduce the load... and a Mgr that thinks everything is A-OK
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    This is what I mean when I write that FedEx has line management that have their heads up their butts.

    The senior manager of this station should be immediately canned and an engineering team sent in to match up route volume to personnel, and ensure full-timers are putting in at least 35 hours a week and part-timers 17.5 hours a week.

    This stuff isn't rocket science, it is basic resource management and if a senior manager can't accomplish it, then they have no business in holding their job.

    While this is going on, there are wage employees at other locations that are being jerked around with forced breaks (when they should be in delay code), and having their jobs threatened when they don't meet some magical/arbitrary goal number that was never validated to be a minimum performance number - but rather an average performance number.

    I guess that Fred has declared that there are no longer any "average" employees in Express - everyone will be "exceptional" from now on.

    Wonder if that goes for executive management too?

    We'll all forget that little screwup which cost FedEx Corporation big time with the write-off associated with Kinkos... call that one a Mulligan and quietly move on...
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    Are you kidding?

    At the top they can screw up as much as possible and get away with it as long as the basic workforce makes up for it with more work to be done in less time, crappier benefits and pension, micromanagement etc.

    I think Kinkos was really Zapmail part II.
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    To make matters worse, I found out yesterday that another PT employee is getting 11-12 hours a day, and he has 8 years less seniority than I do. I'll be having a talk to my senior manager about that this week.
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    Seniority plays no part in this. The PT does it by choice, whether he believes it or not. Some think they have no choice. You should talk with your manager as you said you would..
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    Let me ask you this: Is this EE getting the hours b/c they are volunteering for FO/Overflow/PM's/SDR? If you are on a FT route you aren't able to do some of these things as easily, such as run a PM if you don't finish dels until 16:00. Are you making yourself available and signing up on the additional hours sheets? That being said, if you have FTers getting 3 hrs a day and PTers getting 40/wk....something doesn't add up.
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    That was when Ken May "disappeared". Usually, the top dogs don't take a bullet, but he did.


    I think you're at my station...lmao!! Up until a month ago, this was me. I got over 15 hours guarantee pay per week for 4 weeks! It took that long to "remember" that I am full time. Now they send me to a customer location to scan boxes into a trailer, just me and the "lead" a.k.a. a handler with more responsibility than pay, and wwwaaayyyy less seniority. And I know more about the location than he does, because I "ran" it for 9 months, good thing he's a

    On this note, another one of my friends' is a FT handler and he has only been getting 30-31 hours a week, his manager doesn't offer him extra hours and told him that there is no guarantee pay. FedEx2000 care to weigh in on this?
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    Unless he has signed a waiver requesting a reduced schedule or is turning down hours that are offered to him, then it is my understanding that he should be paid mins. Are you 2 always at this off-site customer at the same time? Could they give you more dels and have him work a few more hours when you aren't there due to these dels? Might not be what you want to hear, but that is probably what I would do if possible. A lot of other variables could be in this equation that I don't know about.
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    I sign up for extra hours everyweek, and I am usually the first name at the top of the list when the manager posts it in the courier check out room every two weeks. I am never offered to run PM routes. This particular PT employee was a CSA until two months ago, so I don't think it's because he has more onroad knowledge than I do. He isn't on the schedule for anything more than his PT am route, but manages to get any open PM route. It's all on the sly, but favoritism has nothing to do with it, wink, wink!! He has told me before that he runs the routes blind (and has a few lates pup's to show for it), but I thought he worked one or two nights a week, then I find out he runs almost everynight, and works the reload, too! Heck, I'd be willing to come work the reload myself, and a few others who need the hours. After working as a swing for a long time, I can run routes blind, too!