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    I was told by HR to sign a bid sheet for cover driving back in early September. The only sheet that was posted was a PT to FT sheet and they told me to sign that! I have been loading for more than a year! I went by HR today and thy told me that they are. PT looking for anymore drivers! I've heard rummers that they have hired off the street folks. Is there a thing in contract about 6 to one ratio? Any advise?
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    Running rum?
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    Hahaha y'all are funny!! My bad!! Rumors hahah :)
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    Rum Tasters are rummers?
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    a day late and a dollar short.

    the story of your life?
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    You sure you spelled your name right?
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    A year?! OMG!!

    But seriously, you probably signed a sheet for seasonal temp driving that IS full time on days you're put on the road.
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    All your bro
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