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  1. lvgolfer962

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    Maybe some of you already have this system in your trucks but our building only has a handful set up so far. It took me a few stops to get the hang of not have to use my keys to start and open the bulkhead door, but after i had it down this is a pretty cool setup. I dont think its a huge time saver but it sure beats fumbling around with keys all day long.

    Hit the remote once and your ready to start the truck
    Hold the button and the spring loaded bulkhead door slide open
    Hit the stop switch to turn off the truck, hit it again within 5 seconds and the bulkhead door opens

    The only thing that i don't like is when the latch doesn't catch the bulkhead door goes back to wide open

    Since im a utility driver its going to be hard going back to the keys after this weeks over.
  2. YouKnowWhoIam

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    So youre telling me it doesnt save much time but is a convenience? Hard to believe theyd spend all this money if theyre not getting a return on it two fold,but sounds good to me. Who do I speak to about having air conditioning and a gps unit installed?
  3. pickup

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    How long is it going to be before some thieves half acquainted with technology find a way to mimic the frequency of the signal that opens the bulk head door or the signal that starts the truck?
  4. rod

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    Report back on this great new tech stuff after a hundred thousand miles of washboard roads or 2 weeks of minus 20 degree weather. I'm sure all this stuff works good for what ever desk-driver had it installed on their desk in their 75 degree controlled atmosphere office.
  5. srvhero

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    Stop counts will go up...guaranteed. UPS only spends money if they can make MORE money. Please do not be fooled into thinking this is an added feature to make a driver's day easier. I hear 2-3 stops per car will be added.
  6. over9five

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    A driver I talked to yesterday said it sucks. The remote start takes too long to start the PC, and the door opener does not always work.
  7. MC4YOU2

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    So.....what will they do to fix it? Retool the system for greater reliability? Seek out only the finest hardware to insure smooth operation? Oh no wait! I have it! How about if they just increase the workload and production expectation until there is a noteable profit to attribute to "keyless entry". What was I thinking?
  8. bham brown

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    I have had it for a couple of weeks.. The bulkhead part is nice but definitely not the time saver they were looking for. The remote start takes me longer than the keys. And the back door takes twice as long because they can't install auto open on my p700. Hate fighting with that carabiner attached to my belt loop. By the way don't make the mistake of accidentally touching the button on the key fob while driving. The bulkhead WILL open and you will show up on one of the reports and have to answer for the awful deed you have done..
  9. soberups

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    I drove a keyless-entry P700 for the first time today. I made a decision ahead of time that I would keep an open mind. These are my observations.

    1. After 24 years of using an ignition and BH door key 200 times a day, it was a real challenge for me to overcome my hard-wired "muscle memory". It took several hours before I could develop anything like a smooth routine.

    2. The process of stopping the car and opening the BH door is definately faster. The process of getting into the car and starting the engine is definately slower.

    3. I kept pressing the button on the fob with my butt, causing the BH door come open on me while driving at least 15 times. MAJOR safety issue. They need to find a way to disable the fob or the BH door latch when the engine is running. Moving the fob to a different belt loop caused it to constantly get in the way of buckling the seat belt. I wound up putting it in my pocket, but kept having the starter button "time out" if I didnt press it fast enough after returning the fob to my pocket.

    4. I thought that P-700's with sliding rear doors would also have keyless entry in the back. Following the directions, I spent over 5 minutes pushing the button once, then twice, then holding it down, trying to get the back door to unlock before realizing that my car only had it installed in the front.

    5. After 24 years of having a key ring hanging from my finger or stuck in my pocket every time I get out of the car, it is a really weird feeling to be walking to or from the delivery point without it.

    6. The BH door is significantly harder to shut due to the resistance of the arm that controls it, so if you accidentally push the button while driving you are at risk of a shoulder injury when you have to push it shut from the drivers seat.

    The bottom line is that it is an overpriced gimmick, and like much of the equipment we use it was obviously designed by a person who will never have to actually go out in the real world and use it for 10 or 11 hours a day.
  10. MC4YOU2

    MC4YOU2 Yep, not wearing brown anymore

    How about accidentally opening the bulkhead when you're unable to see the pc? Is it possible for it to pop open when you're say on the 10th floor of an office bldg?
  11. kingOFchester

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    Been driving an 800 with half a million miles on it all week that has the keyless system. My experience is pretty much the same.
  12. John19841

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    I've used it and thought it was great. Some minor things to get used to, but none of the stubbornness I'm hearing about hear...Sounds more like resistance to change.

    Anyways, that's besides the point I want to make. What I'm wondering, is if this really did save us say...6 minutes a day, Why can't the company be satisfied with us all getting done 6 minutes earlier? Is that not saving them enough money? Why the constant need to add more work?
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I've used it and thought it was great. Some minor things to get used to, but none of the stubbornness I'm hearing about hear...Sounds more like resistance to change.

    I have yet to use the system but thought the same as you that some of the comments here may simply be resistance to change. I recall the same type of comments when we went from paper to the DIAD and then we went to PAS/EDD.

    Anyways, that's besides the point I want to make. What I'm wondering, is if this really did save us say...6 minutes a day, Why can't the company be satisfied with us all getting done 6 minutes earlier? Is that not saving them enough money? Why the constant need to add more work?

    Nice thought but do you really think they would spend all of this money without expecting a ROI?
  14. John19841

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    That's what I'm saying though, 6 minutes is roughly $3.00 per day, per driver. $15 per week, $60 per month, etc. Not including overtime, so it's actually 1.5 times that. Why can't they just be satisfied with that?

    I know that they think if they can save 6 minutes per driver per day, then in bigger buildings, with 80 routes, they can cut one more route. Hell, they'll probably use it to justify cutting a route in a 40 car center. Just saying, the routes are already all blown out...Just wish someone above had just an ounce of common sense...or at least knew someone who did so he could bounce ideas off
  15. lvgolfer962

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    The door has a hard time opening if your not on level ground, im on top of every curb(getting close lol) and the streets with big crowns the door would struggle to open up.

    The guys that have used it here have said the same thing. Its not a game changer but it does make life a bit easier.
  16. soberups

    soberups Pees in the brown Koolaid

    My first day on the job was in a blown out P-600 with a clipboard and paper 50-line delivery records. I have seen and experienced a lot of change since then, and I am not "resistant" to any of it. I am, however, realistic about it. It has been my experience that the company is usually grossly unrealistic in its expectations whenever it rolls out a new program or technology. What makes perfect sense from behind a desk does not always work as planned when you try and implement it out there in the real world, and the new keyless entry system is no exception. And as far as the company getting a good return on its investment goes..... I think the resources that have been invested in this new equipment would have been much better spent on re-looping and re-adjusting our area traces and dispatch plans.
  17. YouKnowWhoIam

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    I have no doubt the person(s) who developed this have examined all possibilities of good vs bad for the driver and in our best interest implimented this keyless system knowing its more convenient for the driver and absolutely foolproof.
    On a side note,I believe in the Easter Bunny.Dont you dare tell me hes not real.
  18. Dizzee

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    I discovered today that a double push of the "green start button" will engage the starter without the delay.
  19. menotyou

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    I'm not resistant to change, just resistant to gimmicks.
  20. browniehound

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    I have the entire opposite opinion. I think its the greatest thing since sliced bread. Press the remote before I step into the cab and just hit the dash button and your ready to go. Stop the truck and the bulk-head is open before I get out of the seat. Sometimes if you're at a certain angle it won't open all the way but all it takes is a little push with a finger and that thing flies open