1. S

    No Indirect - Indirect Delivery

    Hey UPSers! I have been repeatedly criticized for not scanning certain packages properly, and upon investigating, I noticed that these packages have the tag "Indirect Delivery." After conducting some tests, I realized that the deliveries are not showing up on the UPS website. Why is this...
  2. F

    Diad 6

    So this past week was the first week for my center on the diad 6. I am an early am driver that gets a drop around 9:30. When I leave the center the manifest is in a decent order. But once the drop starts populating into my diad, it get all jumbled up and makes the most random route. And also...
  3. everydayupser

    Diad 6

    Hello everyone, I have no idea how many of you are using the new diad 6 coming down the pipeline, but I have questions/concerns/complaints. So now that it’s peak season my center gets to learn the new the brand new diad 6. Not only is more fragile than ever, it’s rather slow. My route is about...
  4. H

    Headed to Intergrad

    Hello, Heading to Intergrad for drivers school. I've been with UPS as a package handler for 2 years but I'm only the second person in my building to be sent to Intergrad. I've read some posts on here about it but most seem to be several years old so I figured I'd start a new one. I know it's a...
  5. B

    New Voice Directions while Driving

    My apologies if this is a repost, has anyone received the new voice directions for the DIADs in the trucks yet? My center is supposed to get it in the next couple of weeks and I was curious as to how it functions. All the drivers I’ve talked to now seem opposed to it and want nothing to do with...
  6. UrFellowUpser

    Been messing up lately

    This job is hard gosh... A couple a days ago i messed up someones yard by getting stuck in it out in the country. I told my manager about it as soon as it happened. I dont think i will get charged but i cantacted the customer and we agreed that i will fix the wrong on the weekend. Prior to that...
  7. just chillin'

    inside employee location tracking

    been hearing rumors and grumblings about some kinda scanner? tracking devise? locator? being implemented to inside employees starting with the car washers. any insight?
  8. UrFellowUpser

    Safety ride

    My Ors messaged me on my cell phone today letting me know that i have a safety ride coming up what should i expect? Its my first safety ride.
  9. B

    Heard new DIAD upgrade coming RDO will be gone

    I don't think the company understands how bad this will be.
  10. cheryl

    Deaths At Work: Truck Drivers Had Highest Number of Fatal Injuries Compared to Any Other Job

    Deaths At Work: Truck Drivers Had Highest Number of Fatal Injuries Compared to Any Other Job - Newsweek Truck drivers and delivery workers had the highest number of workplace fatalities in 2016, more than any other occupation, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The report...
  11. BigUnionGuy

    UPS and Waco Texas

    UPS Driver Who Delivered Guns and Ammo to David Koresh Before Fatal Waco Standoff Breaks His Silence
  12. Brown Now

    New IVIS

    Is anyone running/testing the new IVIS? I’ve seen it, played around with it, but it was a tester that was being shown to me. A couple of our tractors had the new mounts for the new IVIS installed in them, but no IVIS. They had to put tape over the red light on the dashboard because it’s so...
  13. bettum

    Old school

    I am so old school, most of you in this forum are snow flakes.......:thumbup1:
  14. Dracula

    Feeder Hours

    Has anyone in feeders lost hours, due to gypsies working?
  15. N

    Peak fun times

    I'm a trainee and was sent to a completely different hub to help out during peak. The building is only 7 years young but it seems like they foolishly didn't make it large enough to handle the heavy volume. Anyway, today they made a mirror route ( never heard of this before) that took of...
  16. Jasoonis

    Forced 60+ Hours

    Can someone point me to the the Article and Section of the Contract that says UPS can force us to work 60 hours and then be forced to be a helper. Thanks.
  17. OrionsBitch

    Helper Cellphones

    Anyone else get the helper phones that they is as diads? Haha what a joke these things are... Management "these phones are way easier to use" First thing you need to do is have them create a upers account online. Takes forever. And doesn't work half the time. Then they password protected the...
  18. scooby0048

    At least USPS admits they lie

    Why USPS Says a Package Is Delivered When It Isn't Here's Why USPS Says a Package Is Delivered When It Isn't I'm glad that sort of thing does not happen here!
  19. JL 0513

    Long awaited DIAD update - OTA EDD updates (for late air)

    Arrived in my center this week. Finally! To clarify title, on late air days, your EDD updates all the late air you receive on road. It's all placed in proper EDD order. Now you don't have to arrange your air and keep checking what you have. You can just load them where they belong and...
  20. P

    Drivers-What flashlight do you use to look for addresses?

    So..now that it gets dark at 530 pm...Let me be the first to tell you drivers....I HIGHLY suggest you to invest in a 1Tac 1200 Tactical flashlight. It super durable..the light has telescope zoom;you pull the zoom all the way out..It changes the shape of the super bright light to a mere rectangle...