1. H

    When have i achieved seniority?

    I've been a preloader for 4 months and joined the union.. At what point have I achieved seniority?
  2. Catatonic

    UPS to invest in new buildings, new trucks ... Hire more drivers???

    UPS (NYSE:UPS) today announced it has ordered 14 Boeing 747-8 cargo jets and four new Boeing 767 aircraft to provide additional capacity in response to accelerating demand for the company’s air services. All of the new aircraft will be added to the existing fleet and no existing aircraft are...
  3. Jackburton

    Delivering at 10:30pm, what could go wrong

    Another incident of a driver being held up and the truck stolen, at 10:30pm. This happened to a driver out of the Roswell building, Marietta Center side. This could have been a lot worse, stay safe out there, hopefully someone doesn’t have to die before UPS gets slammed with overworking...
  4. G

    How can I get hired from the outside in florida?? HELP!!!

    I currently have a CDL and drive for Publix supermarkets...Im interested in a FT package delivery driver in Tampa or surrounding area but was told it is hard to get hired from the outside but possible....Any tips/ideas or somewhere I can call to try and get my app pulled? Cant work PT in the...
  5. EJJ

    Transferring to another center

    ive been commuting over 2 hours everyday and I just recently had my son. Does anybody know how I can transfer to another hub with having to wait on the transfer waiting list so I can get to a closer location?
  6. Jkloc420

    What will UPS do with a 20 percent corp tax

    invest in buildings
  7. BrownSyndrome

    Hey neasayers, what are the solutions, huh? let's hear 'em

    [SERIOUS QUESTION] what is something that could be done in your hub to make UPS function more logically and efficiently?
  8. U

    Background check for seasonal driver helper

    I am interested in applying for a seasonal driver helper position. However, I am concerned about the background check. I currently have no conviction of any kind on my record, but I do have a pending criminal charge (a felony, but not theft or burglary). Do you think I have a chance?
  9. R

    After holidays

    Who makes the decision on who to keep/hire after holidays are over and how do they decide? I was told last year they kept 54 people after season was over.
  10. S

    Still peak?

    Does ups normally still hire peak season PTsrs past January 15th 2017? Applying for a PH job and the acknowledgment is stating the position is only until or before January 31st 2018.
  11. AutoZone

    Heard it thru the grapevine...

    So in talking with a pretty savvy, seemingly pretty smart center manager, told me he believes the main purpose of Orion is so that if the union decides to strike again, they'll have the software in place to just hire off the streets for half of what they pay us, and then tell the union to take a...
  12. toonertoo

    For all new hires, go here (on topic)

    I am going to try to compile a faq page for all new hires. New UPSers, feel free to post your questions here in this thread if you haven't found your answer elsewhere.