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  1. The Best Companies To Work For Institute provide a Top 100 list of companies to work for which Fortune 500 magazine publishes every year.Does Fred Smith pay off someone to put Fedex on this list.I beg every Fedex employee to email Best Companies To Work For and lambast them for putting Fedex on this prestigious list.
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    I saw that too, everyone I talk to who works at FedEx or UPS says its not exactly top 100 material.

    The company I work for is #3, and has been on the top 10 for 11 years :happy2: (#1 in 2005)
  3. jsav,hopefully you work for a good company that deserves the recognition for being on that list.Unfortunately I cannot say the same about Fedex.
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    I don't get it either. If FedEx is one of the 100 Best, the rest of the employers must be akin to Third World dictatorships. Ironically, most of the policies and benefits they use to gauge the quality of a given company are useless at FedEx. The GFT and Open Door processes immediately come to mind, as does Tuition Refund, and our medical plan.P-S-P is another feel good philosophy that doesn't mean squat in the real world. All but the Tuition Refund are pretty worthless, but they sound good and look good on the FedEx corporate mission statement and in the Policy Manuals. FedEx definitely does not belong on the list.
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    What is it about Wegmans Food Markets that you think makes it a great place to work? It does keep showing up year end and out in a very competitive industry where margins are very tight.
    We don't have them here in Atlanta (as far as I know).
    Respect for employees?
  6. MR.FEDEX.Help spread the word at your location.Ask everyone you work with and know to go to The Best Companies To Work For website,click on contact us and blast them for putting Fedex on the Top 100 list.There are dozens,maybe hundreds of things wrong with Fedex.Removing Fedex from that list will burst Fed Smiths bubble and make him a unhappy camper.
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    You sound like your his brother! What is your problem? So what if FedEx is listed on the top 100 list, I don't think it is hurting anyone. In fact, you should join MrFedEx and start looking for work. The economy is struggling and your complaining? God, is working at FedEx the only problem in life you have. You must be blessed not having anything else to complain about. GET A LIFE!!!!!!
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    (Note: most of this post is from a part-time employee perspective)

    Wegmans is a major grocery chain on the upper east coast. There's store in NY, PA, NJ, VA, and others.

    Well, there's 3 parts to the company: distribution, corporate, and store operations. From what I hear, all employees are generally treated the same throughout the entire company.

    I work in the store operations part. We are known for hiring young high school students (ages 15-18) as cashiers. We start at minimum wage (in NY, that's $7.15 as of this writing). They accept a wide range of availability based on what your goals are in life. For example, when I started I was 15 playing lacrosse for my school. The only requirement was to complete the week of training. After that, they allowed me to work around my lacrosse schedule. We get paid extra for holidays and Sundays ("premium pay"). Another group of people usually getting hired are retired people. They seem to really enjoy the job.

    Benefits? Well, you have to work for a certain amount of time and get a certain amount of hours per week to earn benefits as a part timer. We aren't unionized, so we don't pay union dues. However, the benefits are amazing. Health care, screenings, flu shots, etc. Vacation pay as a PT employee is also available. Scheduling is very flexible, and time off is allowed (with little limitation, but they do monitor it). Also, training is paid. Every training session I've had is paid like you were there for a regular shift. "Meetings" are also paid. In the department I work in, we have "service teams" with team leaders. The team leaders periodically hold meetings to discuss ways to improve things and how well things are going presently. Those are all paid, and there is no dress code if you aren't scheduled to work that day; you can wear street clothes.

    Another benefit is the scholarship program. It's similar to the one at UPS. People who receive the scholarship get $1000 per year while in college to assist with college-related expenses.

    Flexibility? Absolutely. They allow part time employees to take time off for almost anything, just as long as you let them know two or more weeks in advance. Most of the time, they won't ask; some departments even have a book where you put your name and the days you want off without question as to why. College students are still considered employees even when away from work. When students are back for vacation, their job is still there with the same hours, as if they hadn't left!

    Respect for employees? To the fullest extent. They are always interested in making the job pleasant and fun. If something isn't going right, you can tell them and they help you. They take respect very seriously.

    I personally agree with the placement of #3 as a great place to work. The younger people usually are dumb and aren't used to a job so they think it sucks. But personally, I think it's better than a job at a fast foot place or something like that.
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    ^i read some of that.......u think that stuff is so great, like they pay you for meetings....they have to pay you if you are required to be there...

    most of the things u listed are pretty standard for any company really.
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    Nice reply jsav. I am glad you enjoy Wegmans.
    This is a 3 min video about Wegmans...it seems the real appeal is about caring about each other... sort of what we do here on BC.

    Too bad Cheryl can't all give us jobs as posters! :funny:

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    I used to work at Publix supermarkets and that sounds the same. I haven't seen the top 100 list, but kudo's to you guys for making #3. As far as FedEx making the list? Good for you guys too. As far as Mr. and All the way bringing their ongoing battle to this thread, don't know, they seem to bicker like they're in a bad marriage. I think you guys need some counseling, good luck with that.:wink2:
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    FedEx should not be on the list. As far as my bickering with FedExAllThe Way goes, "she" is a fake who posts up on other sites claiming to be a 48 year-old male from Pennsylvania....identical content, word for word. I'm "outing" him/her/it because I strongly suspect they are a FedEx manager tasked with spreading anti-union propaganda. It's all part of the anti-Teamster campaign that has been going on for years at FedEx. Does it surprise anyone that they have a mole on this site that counters everything I say with pro-company mantras that never change?
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    Fredly my dear, I don't give a damm!
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    Dude....no one here cares one way or another!
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    Nicely done, Scarlet!
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    The FedEx drivers I ran into often said that they wished they worked for us, And that we had it better
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    Express, Ground/HD, or both?
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    You sir, are a selfish little man, always wanting more, more and more. I will say it one more time - just be glad you have a job and quit complaining about everything at FedEx. Has FedEx given or done anything positive in your working career with them. Please you are so pathetic, always negative, negative, negative. Is that the way you live your everyday life?

    As far as me being fake, one again you've got it all wrong. You are the fake one - going to a job you hate so much. If you were any kind of a man you would have quit by now. But, of course, you can't handle it out there without FedEx, so instead you collect a paycheck and complain about that too. NOW WHO'S THE FAKE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    For the rest of you thinking that this is a bad marriage between me and MrFedEx, I would not stoop so low in my life - he's a very sad individual and I feel very sorry for him - he really needs a life!

    It is all about saving jobs - read on!

    FWS Email to All Employees

    From: Date: Subject: FedEx Team Members
    Frederick W. Smith
    Dec. 18, 2008
    Focused on Long-term Success During this busiest time of our year, I want to say to each of you how proud I am to be part of the FedEx team. Times are very tough right now -- but we’ve been through several economic swings in the last 35 years -- and our teamwork and commitment have always brought us out of these downturns as a stronger company.
    We’re going to need that teamwork and commitment more than ever now, because it’s clear we’re in probably the worst economic crisis in recent history. Of course we’ve never been a company to sit back and let events overtake us. This time is no different. We’ve developed a strategy that gives us greater flexibility in a tougher economy. Your efforts to make every customer experience outstanding has kept our customer satisfaction levels consistently high, which boosts our competitiveness. And we’ve been working for more than a year already to combat this economic storm.

    A proactive strategy
    On the business-building side, we have aggressively moved to win new customers from a competitor leaving the U.S. market. And our “Choose FedEx” campaign has already helped us gain thousands of new accounts. In addition, we are significantly improving the speed of FedEx Ground and FedEx Freight lanes to offer our customers better service.

    On the cost-control side, we’ve already taken actions that will save more than $1 billion this fiscal year. We instituted a hiring freeze; reduced labor hours for pilots, couriers, and other employees; parked planes and trucks; reduced routes; increased fuel efficiency. In addition, we’ve reduced personnel in response to business demands at FedEx Freight and FedEx Office.
    The next steps
    Neither these efforts nor recent savings from lower fuel cost are enough to offset the dramatic economic deterioration we are discussing in the earnings releasewe issued today. We simply need to do more, and we can’t delay in doing it.

    We believe the fairest way to move forward and minimize job loss where we can, is to share the impact of this economic crisis among team members. As a result, we are taking the following steps:

    • Effective January 1, 2009, all salaried-exempt FedEx employees in the U.S. will take a permanent reduction in pay, across the board. My salary will be reduced by 20 percent; the Strategic Management Committee members by 10 percent; and executive vice presidents at core operating companies by 7.5 percent. All other U.S. salaried-exempt FedEx employees will take a 5-percent reduction. These pay actions do not affect hourly employees or contractors.
    • There will be no merit increases for U.S. salaried exempt personnel for the calendar year 2009. Also, there will be no FY2009 bonus payments paid. Variable compensation for Sales will not be affected.
    • Beginning February 1, 2009, we will suspend U.S.-based 401k company matches for a minimum of one year. We hope to reinstate the match in 2010, depending upon business and global economic conditions.
    In addition, we are redoubling our efforts to save costs elsewhere. Among other things, we are simplifying our IT and other Services operations, and centralizing the buying process to further reduce purchase costs, from paper to tires.
    The decisions affecting team members were by far the toughest to make. We know we ask for personal sacrifice from you, but we hope you understand our goal is to minimize job loss. We hope you share our belief that these hard steps, taken now, are stepping stones to a more secure future for FedEx.
    These additional measures are projected to save the company $200 million in the rest of FY09 and approximately $600 million next fiscal year. We hope by that time the economy will be recovering, but these are unpredictable times, and as much as we would like to, we cannot make any guarantees.

    Pulling together
    More than ever, each of us must focus on what we can control. For the driver, that means on-time, friendly delivery. For the sales person, that means getting more business. For the customer service rep and retail team, it means serving our customers and solving their issues quickly. For staff team members, it means responding to internal customers quickly and precisely. We can’t take our eye off the ball for a minute.

    Since the earliest days of our company, FedEx has always pulled together in extreme circumstances to achieve the “impossible.” We’ve done it during floods, earthquakes and fires. We’ve done it in previous economic downturns. And your performance has always been nothing less than inspirational.
    Now we must rally in the face of this greatest challenge to date. Let’s collaborate like never before. Let’s exceed customer expectations. Let’s support each other in everything we do. I have every confidence in our ability to manage through these tough times—and every expectation these bad times will eventually turn into good ones. In fact, though it’s hard to see now, this recession may prove to be a big stimulus for positive economic change and create a more sustainable economic framework worldwide.

    You’ll receive more opco-specific information in future communications. Additional resources are also available at home.fedex.com.
  19. FedEx All the Way!

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    Definitely unionization is the way to go....look how well it's worked in the auto industry!:please:
  20. MrFedEx

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    Comparing the auto industry with FedEx is like comparing apples and oranges, and only an idiot would do it. You're supremely qualified. How did you like your 5% pay cut today? In your case, it should be about 90%.