100% Surveillance by UPS outside of work; Cell Phone & Computer Usage

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    It appears that UPS or someone closely affiliated with UPS feels the need to constantly investigate the activities of employees outside of work, as they monitor all Cell Phone conversations and text messages, where I go using my Cell Phone GPS, all Computer Usage including reading my text messages, places I go, things I do. This has gotten ridiculous as many topics or things I said "Keep Coming UP" in conversation by management or other workers to the point of Harassment, Humiliation, Abuse, and Discrimination. I also think they have some kind of listening device on my phone as a security measure.

    I would appreciate any knowledge of this, or words of advice. Thanks in advance.
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    "We're watching you"
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    If that's true, and you can prove it, (and it's not on a Company phone or computer) that would be in violation of Federal law. I suggest contacting a good private investigator and attorney.
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    Disclaimer: Believe anything I say at your own risk.

    This would require an enormous amount of cooperation by the cell phone company(ies), including those who actually own/lease the wireless networks around the country (Verizon, etc) - what is the benefit?

    Additionally, as mentioned by a previous poster, it is in violation of federal law and unless you have some highly sensitive information, it is probably not worth the risk and you are being paranoid.

    As to the listening device on your phone, if you mean your cell phone I would point out that is not actually required, because if they had the cooperation of the wireless carrier as you previously hinted at, they could just process your conversations at various "nodes" throughout the network. Again, highly unlikely.

    If you mean your land line, they wouldn't need to put a listening device on that either because they could tap your phone at any local switch computer and have access to all your phone records, conversations, etc. Although, unless they had a warrant, or were part of the warrantless wiretapping program, this would again be highly illegal and I'm pretty sure your being overly paranoid.

    Then again, maybe I work for "them" and am just trying to allay your fears so-as-not-to arouse your suspicion.
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    Have you been taking your meds on a regular basis?????
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    i would respond but they are listening.............
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    Crowbar suggests that you contact an attorney . . . . I suggest you that YOU ARE INSANE ! ! !
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    Can you say PARANOID

    A good shrink might be a better option.

    Apparently not but I think taken some might make these delusions disappear.
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    You see nothing. UPS is not out to get you. You will do your job by the methods and as efficiently as possible.

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    These are not the droids you are looking for.
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    Are you union or management? Company phone?
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    sleepy u are getting very sleepy,repeat 5 times.:happy2:
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    and you need to get to the nearest psyche ward ASAP.
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    This is all a plot to distract us from their sinister Fluoridation Plan to introduce impurities into our Precious Bodily Fluids and sap our Essence, as explained by General Jack D. Ripper to Group Captain Lionel Mandrake.
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    Pst, I believe you.
    Put on the tin foil hat, and then we can comunicate without them being able to monitor us. It works, really.

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    Better bust out the armadillo and aluminum foil helmets so they cant read your thoughts
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    Maybe it's the FEDs? Are you Arab or practice islam?