114° Friday, how hot was your delivery area?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by BrownSkid, Jul 7, 2018.


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    You obviously haven't talked to firefighters in Cali.
  2. East coast navy

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    We make good money because we are the hardest working laborer... The company shouldn’t be putting us through more torcher because of it.
  3. BrownSkid

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    I'm voting NO until they bring back the green grit soap at my hub!!!
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  5. rod

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    I saw 85 on the thermometer but the house is staying at about 75.
  6. How about not being disciplined for reporting an injury.
  7. cornfed

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    Just unplug the appropriate sensors and leave the bulkhead door open.
  8. Yeah, the hearing rooms all have AC.
  9. 1989

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    Contact the state. Problem solved.
  10. It's in our cba as well.
    Who you gonna call at the "State'?
  11. You dont have to unplug anything. It's a proximity switch and all it takes is a magnet attached to it to close the circuit.
  12. 1989

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    L and I. The ruling body that UPS has to answer to.
  13. badpal

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    Being on strike is kinda like high school, twenty years later you just remember the fun times. Not the part about worrying missing your house payment.
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  14. OrioN

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    My FedEx boxtruck recently suffered a blown fan motor for the hvac.

    fuse is good, compressor still ok, power to the wires good, just seized up after 3 years of constant use.


    I'm, FedEx Ground, where AC is one of the bennies we get,y'all!

    I had a delivery to Wal-Mart that Saturday, so after I walked in to the site-to-store counter, I went for the fan section to get a 9" desk fan... All metal construction, like your stepvan quality ones....

    Power inverter in my truck , so I has a home plug!


    Eat that, manager! I can now drive in comfort
  15. silenze

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    Lol your investor be like
  16. OrioN

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    I guess so... once they get the replacement motor from the cheapest seller,

    I'm moving that fan into the cargo section to circulate the air back thurr... having the bulkhead open and boxes strapped down is a plus
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  17. Yaba Daba Do

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    I heard Fedex facilities use Charmin extra soft too. Better TP for all. strike strike strike!
  18. Benben

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    I am not saying this doesn't happen so don't think that way, but....OMFG a WC attorney would rape the ever living :censored2: out of the company if this could be proven!

    I have often wondered why every FedEx truck I have ever seen had an open BH door. You all strap it open!!!!
  19. I have often wondered why every FedEx truck I have ever seen had an open BH door. You all strap it open!!!![/QUOTE]
    Nice. Carnie delivery company.
  20. Wrong

    Wrong :))

    That’ll take up too much room. Got to fit 5 couches and a trampoline back there.